Cemen Tech Expands Manufacturing Facility

Even amid global economic uncertainty, Cemen Tech, the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric technology, is on track to expand this year. The Iowa-based, mid-sized manufacturing company recently completed the expansion of its facility in Indianola, Iowa, by adding 12,000 square feet, bringing the total square footage of the company’s manufacturing facility to 120,000 square feet. The expansion is part of the company’s commitment to investing nearly $3 million to upgrade facilities, equipment and technology.

“The expansion of our headquarters is not only about increasing our production capacity to meet the demand for our technology, but also about investing in people,” says Connor Deering, President and CEO of Cemen Tech. “Cemen Tech is literally changing an industry and changing people’s lives through our market leadership.”

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As part of a planned facility expansion, the company is setting aside space for the new, “Cemen Tech University,” an innovative answer to the question of how to develop employees with highly desired, specialized skills. Classes for those interested in fields like welding, industrial painting and electronics are tentatively set to start in January 2023. The company is also working with area high schools and technical schools to forge partnerships in which students work for Cemen Tech part-time, while still pursuing their diploma or degree.

“This way, we train applicants for immediate success on the job, helping to ensure a strong cultural and skills fit between the employee and the company from the start,” Deering said. “It gives us an opportunity to teach new hires about our organizational culture. I believe [our education efforts] will help support an educated team member who’s connected to our culture, resulting in a long-term highly engaged employee.”

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In addition to housing Cemen Tech University, the expansion also includes new bays for production and research and development (R&D). The long-term investment in R&D infrastructure underscores the company’s commitment to continue to be the leader in volumetric technology.

Cemen Tech’s volumetric mixers enable contractors to mix concrete on the job site and to exact specifications for the job at hand. This allows the contractors to be nimble — getting concrete to complete projects on their own timeline. It also allows them to reduce material waste and ultimately cost.

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