CSTK JCB Opens New Kansas City Location for JCB Equipment Sales and Service


JCB equipment dealer CSTK JCB has opened a new, dedicated JCB sales, service and rental facility in Kansas City. The new JCB facility is directly across the street from CSTK’s existing Thermo King dealership at 400 Shawnee Avenue.

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“When we originally became a JCB dealer in 2013, we merged the JCB product into our existing facility with plans to construct a new facility in a new location,” said Dave Burns, vice president of CSTK Inc. “However, the building across the street from our Thermo King location became available. We moved our JCB operations into that building, branded it with JCB signage and we’re currently selling, servicing and renting equipment there.”

CSTK is a Thermo King dealer and transportation solutions provider with 13 locations in the United States. The company serves transportation companies, fleets, owner operators and other vehicle/heavy equipment users with units, parts and services for their operations.

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“Each CSTK location independently evaluates their market to decide whether other business ventures make sense in their respective areas,” Burns said. “Here in Kansas City, selling JCB equipment was simply a good fit for us. JCB’s Tier 4 Final engines that do not require diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are very similar to the engines used in our other manufacturers’ equipment, so it was easy for us to cross-train our technicians, sales and parts professionals. We also liked the fact that both types of equipment offer environmentally friendly engine solutions. It was a fairly easy decision to carry JCB.”

Thanks to Kansas City’s busy homebuilding market, CSTK JCB has seen success renting JCB’s telescopic handlers to builders who use them to lift pallets of roofing shingles, lumber and other building materials. The company sold several 3CX Super backhoe loaders to Leavenworth County, Kansas, and JCB’s skid steer and compact track loaders with their unique side-entry door have also gained some traction in the marketplace.

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“Safety is very important to us at CSTK; we have a corporate safety director that travels to our locations to ensure we’re following proper safety procedures and proactively training our personnel,” Burns said. “Back in 2013, when I initially saw JCB’s skid steers, I was very impressed with the fact that they could help our customers be safer on the job with easy access in and out of the cab.”

According to Burns, there are a variety of reasons why JCB is gaining market share in the Kansas City area since CSTK JCB started selling equipment in early 2014.

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“We really feel that JCB’s no-DPF engine solution is a huge selling point,” Burns said. “Other manufacturers’ machines require the use of a DPF and the time necessary to undergo the regeneration process. We’re working hard to get that message out since it’s a tremendous benefit to the end user. Plus, our inventory and service support follow the customer-focused vision that CSTK has implemented for more than 40 years now. That’s a testimony to who we are and the type of service a JCB customer can expect from us.” Tags: