Dave Schmitt Construction Co.

Dave Schmitt Construction Co.When the call for volunteers to install playground equipment in the bedroom community of Fairfax, Iowa, went largely unanswered, the Parks Committee asked Dave Schmitt Construction Co. to take on the job. Several employees attended the Parks Committee meeting and presented a plan to help assemble the playground equipment and provide any equipment and tools needed.

The Parks Committee was overwhelmed by the show of support and was excited to get the project started. A company foreman initiated several phone calls to understand the task and what was expected. With October still being a part of the company’s busy season, many employees worked their 40 hours by Thursday and showed up to volunteer on Friday.

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In the end, 20 employees provided 146 man-hours and roughly $1,000 in supplies and equipment. Despite the cold and wind, the project went smoothly and was completed in half of the estimated time.