Dominating The Last Mile

By Jennifer Dawson

The past two years have reshaped the global commerce climate, and business owners will be all too aware of the heightened importance of the last mile. As the World Economic Forum notes, new ways of doing business have completely changed perception over the last mile, and now, that last leg of delivery – whether of services or goods – is absolutely crucial to the success of a business. Businesses need to optimize in this area. Being the owner of last-mile efficiency within your business sphere is crucial; dominating it will enable you to dominate the competition and build a long-term business legacy.

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Fine-tuning your routes

There are many factors that consumers will consider when shelling out for goods or services. Reputation, quality of goods, ethical considerations and online reviews are all factors; however, convenience may be the most important overriding quality. Being able to react quickly to enquiries, and provide an expert service at very short notice, is essential. The most important factor in this is route planning. Consider some of the biggest businesses in the delivery world – ridesharing apps such as Uber, for instance, or short-order delivery companies such as DoorDash. These companies have excellent route finding and mapping tools that enable drivers to make the right decisions. Putting the right technology behind your deliveries is a key first step in dominating the last mile.

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Delivery options

Another important factor in consumer choice is flexibility. Amazon and other delivery companies provide a wide range of ways for customers to obtain their parcels, whether through direct delivery, being left with a trusted neighbor, or being left in a safe space. Having that versatility of delivery, and being able to mold your service to the needs of customers, who may have work commitments or other priorities, will elevate you in their eyes. A fuss-free and quick delivery of services or goods is a dream for consumers.

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Find ways to take administration time away from your workers. Drivers, whether providing a service or delivering goods, are most efficient when given a route to follow and then sent on their way. Some of the most notable advances in delivery tech have involved reducing the amount of time spent around on handheld devices or through physically signing. Devices can now scan and record a successful delivery without any input; customer data and confirmation of receipt can be exchanged without needing to pause. Reducing the amount of downtown allocated to the simple transactional details of delivery is crucial. That puts more time in the hands of drivers to get on with their work, and back into business owners’ hands to continue innovating and growing the business.

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Domination of last-mile delivery will give a significant advantage to a company over competitors. It puts your product in the hands of the customer and builds reputation with regards to the most important quality of any modern business – convenience. Focusing on making every part of the service delivery process streamlined achieves that goal.

The article was contributed by Jennifer Dawson.

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