Doosan Portable Power Offers Industry-Leading Runtime with Redesigned C185 Air Compressor

Doosan Portable Power has released a newly updated Doosan C185WDO portable air compressor with industry-leading runtime and cold starting capabilities.

The redesigned C185 has a runtime of 12.6 hours at 100 percent load – 26 percent longer than other brands. The longer runtime is achieved by adding a 65 percent larger fuel tank without sacrificing the compact size of the C185.

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“Crews running the redesigned Doosan C185 will spend less time refilling fuel, which will decrease downtime and increase labor efficiency,” said Jeremy Bailey, Doosan Portable Power air products manager. “The C185 is manufactured to the high quality standard customers expect of the Doosan brand.”

The C185 also outperforms competitors in extreme temperatures with cold starting capabilities at temperatures as low as -10º Fahrenheit, which is 20º colder than its closest competitor. On the other end of the spectrum, the C185 has a limited ambient temperature rating of 120º Fahrenheit for reliable operation in areas that experience extreme heat.

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In addition, Doosan is the only air compressor manufacturer in the industry to use both proprietary engines and airends. The C185 is equipped with the Doosan DSN100 airend and a Tier 4 Final Doosan D18 engine. Together, they deliver 185 cfm of air at a rated operating pressure of 100 psi.

By using Doosan engines and Doosan airends, Doosan can guarantee the quality of its machines and create consistency across its models. The C185, redesigned P185 and new P250/HP210 models now have service points in the same locations. This update simplifies maintenance for both dealers and equipment owners.

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Further simplifying maintenance of the C185 is the newly redesigned canopy that allows for easy access to the machine’s service points and is constructed of virtually indestructible composite to ensure long unit life. A new removable end cap also makes cooler cleaning easier and safer without exposure to internal components.

Other user-friendly features include a control panel with an easy-to-understand digital readout of all major machine functions, an independent hour meter that makes it simple to plan preventive maintenance and sturdy components built to withstand heavy use.

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The performance of the C185 is bolstered by multiple warranties, including a 1-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty; a 2-year/4,000-hour airend warranty; and a 5-year, 10,000-hour Doosan extended warranty contingent on the use of genuine Doosan fluids and filters and service at prescribed intervals. Tags: