Excavator Showcase


The new Cat 335F L CR excavator delivers a 16 percent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the 328D model it replaces. The compact radius machine is made for heavy work on congested jobsites.

Equipped with 32-in. track shoes, the 335F L CR limits over-the-side tail swing to just 7 in.; a heavy counterweight enhances overall stability and provides lift capacities up to 41,500 lbs. With efficient hydraulics, heavy-duty structures, a quiet and comfortable full-size cab, high-ambient cooling system, ground-level service points and a range of work tools, the 335F L CR is one well-built, versatile machine for demanding work needs. The 192-hp C7.1 engine meets strict Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without interrupting the operator or the job. Proven electronic, fuel, air and after-treatment components, like a maintenance-free DPF, ensure customer expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability and service life are met. For more information, visit www.cat.com.

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Case Construction Equipment

The new 160-hp Case CX210D provides faster cycle times, improved responsiveness and greater fuel efficiency. It also offers more standard features than previous Case excavators and offers peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership through Case ProCare. Case D Series excavators meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards through a combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which help maximize uptime and performance with minimal maintenance. There is no diesel particulate filter (DPF) and no DPF regeneration or associated service costs. The CX210D’s arm and boom have been built stronger for greater durability and to support greater power. The undercarriage is built with thicker steel and a single-slope design that reduces dirt accumulation and eases cleaning. The CX210D also features excellent visibility and a pressurized/ISO-mounted cab that keeps noise and vibration down. For more information, visit www.casece.com.


The new Doosan DX235LCR-5 is a reduced tail swing crawler excavator. It can work close to buildings and in confined areas without sacrificing performance. This machine is designed for long life with an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure. The DX235LCR-5 is ideal for operating in congested jobsites such as roadways and rail lines without blocking traffic in the adjacent lane or track, and it minimizes the potential for damage when working close to buildings or walls. The DX235LCR-5 is Tier 4-compliant and features the new Smart Power Control (SPC) selectable engine mode, which can save operators up to 7 percent in fuel without sacrificing machine performance. For additional fuel savings, Doosan added auto shutdown to help owners save fuel during non-working conditions. Operators can configure the idle time from three to 60 minutes. When enabled, the feature will shut down the excavator’s engine when the preset idle time is met. For more information, visit www.doosanequipment.com.

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Built with the same toughness as its large mining excavators, Hitachi’s upgraded ZX210LC-6 utility-class excavator brings efficiency, reliability and durability to the jobsite. The ZX210LC-6 is loaded with features ideal for those working in the underground, road building, energy and pipeline industries. Front and center is a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final Isuzu engine that meets rigid emissions standards and does not require a DPF. Other features include upperstructure handrails for added safety and accessibility, easy-to-operate controls for proportional auxiliary hydraulic flow and speed, programmable attachment modes and simplified maintenance. The ZX210LC-6 comes with an optional grade reference-ready package that features sensor mounting brackets that are welded to the boom, arm, dogbone, counterweight and main frame of the excavator at the factory. For more information, visit www.HitachiConstruction.com.


JCB’s 85Z-1 compact excavator features a revised H-design undercarriage, robust steel body panels, a spacious operator environment and an efficient JCB by Kohler engine. This engine, which uses up to 10 percent less fuel than the previous models, conforms to Tier 4 Final emissions standards without requiring a DPF — reducing cost and operating complexity. In addition to the standard hydraulic cut-off that is activated by lifting the left-hand lever pod, the operator is required to activate the 85Z-1’s hydraulic system through a button on the right-hand console. The machine’s hydraulics can only be activated when the operator is seated and wearing a seatbelt. Attachments can only be de-coupled at ground level via a positive pressure boom safe system circuit for better on-site safety. The machine is also available with a roto/tilt function installed and ready for use with a number of rotating and tilting bucket mount systems. For more information, visit www.jcbna.com.

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John Deere

The 97-hp, Tier 4 Interim John Deere 135G delivers impressive arm force, dig force and lift capacity. The reduced tail swing design allows the 135G to work closer to objects on congested jobsites, plus it is easy to transport to the next job. Industry-exclusive double-seal swing bearing and three welded boom bulkheads deliver rock-solid durability. In addition, a highly-efficient, heavy-duty cooling system keeps things cool, even in tough environments or high altitudes. The 135G features a spacious and comfortable cab with an easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitor that allows operators to easily dial in a wealth of machine info and functionality. For more information, visit www.deere.com.


The ED160 Blade Runner is an innovative and versatile machine that is unique to Kobelco. It combines two machines in one — a dozer and an excavator — giving operators a competitive edge. Unlike most excavators, this 92.8-hp, 35,200-lb model is equipped with more than just a backfill blade, but a six-way power-tilt blade with float, tilt, lift and angle options. Designed for heavy dozing, Kobelco’s ED160 has a rugged, oversized undercarriage for durability and performance as well as curved track pads for optimal traction and higher floatation. In addition to dozing, the ED160 has a 20,502-lb digging force and a zero tail swing radius — making it ideal for digging, even in tight spaces. For more information, visit www.KOBELCO-USA.com.

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The TB290 is Takeuchi’s second-largest excavator, weighing in at 18,780 lbs. The machine is equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine with a high-pressure common rail fuel system and a DPF exhaust after-treatment system. The TB290 offers 16,565 lbs of bucket breakout force and a standard long arm with an integrated thumb mount that provides a versatile range of motion — 15-ft maximum dig depth and a 17-ft, 3-in. maximum dump height. Delivering power and performance, the excavator has a 69.2-hp turbocharged Yanmar engine with a rated engine speed of 2,000 rpm, capable of traveling between 1.6 to 3.1 mph with a fuel tank capacity of 33.8 gal. Featuring a new LCD color multi-information display, operators will be provided with a wide range of information for greater functionality. The roomy cab features an automotive-styled interior equipped with a high capacity HVAC system to keep the operator comfortable throughout the year. For more information, visit www.takeuchi-us.com.

Komatsu America

Komatsu America’s PC78US-10 hydraulic excavator boasts a Tier 4 Final engine that doesn’t require a DPF or DEF. Compared to the previous model, the PC78US-10 has up to a three percent increase in productivity and an up to five percent drop in fuel usage with no loss of performance. Thanks to the tight tail swing radius, extra horsepower and the generous use of boom-area castings, the PC78US-10 allows operators to work with ease in confined spaces such as utility contracting or homebuilding to easily clear rocks, tree stumps and similar kinds of debris. In addition to requiring no DPF or DEF, the powerful, yet efficient SAA4D95LE-6, 3.26 liter, 55-hp engine has a variable flow turbocharger for precise operation and long life. It also has a Komatsu DOC after-treatment designed specifically for the engine to provide 100 percent passive regeneration and an exhaust gas recirculation system added to reduce NOx emissions. For more information, visit www.komatsuamerica.com.

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The zero tail swing, 72-hp Terex TC75 compact crawler excavator is built for consistent, reliable jobsite performance. It is able to handle 3.2- to 13.2-cu ft bucket capacities and is ideal for using a hydraulic hammer. The 92-in. wide dozer blade is independently controlled from the track drive for uninterrupted operation. With a simple flip of a switch, operators can change from ISO to SAE controls to suit personal preference. This unit weighs 17,420 lbs and achieves a maximum dig depth of 14 ft, 7 in. and maximum reach of 24 ft, 5 in. For more information, visit www.terex.com/construction.


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