HammerHead Trenchless Releases First of Next-Generation Winches


HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works company, recently introduced the powerful, new HammerHead HydroGuide HG1200 winch optimally designed to be more efficient and easy to use in pipe-bursting, slip-lining or slitting applications. This new iteration of the popular HydroGuide line of winches features a patented, self-deploying hydraulic downrigger, improved performance and additional safety features.

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While other winches on the market require manual assembly of heavy, bulky components, the HG1200 makes setup easy with its industry-changing hydraulic downrigger. With the touch of a button, users are able to automatically deploy the boom down hole and can fine-tune the depth up to 18 ft without having to jack up the machine. With the hydraulic boom, setup and teardown take just minutes, which saves valuable time on a jobsite.

A key feature of the new HG1200 winch is its precision controls. Not only can users adjust the boom to any depth, but they also have total control of the line speed and pressure. Pull force can be set anywhere between 0.5 to 12 tons, and the line speed can be set anywhere between 0 to 111 feet per minute.

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“We know job conditions and specifications can vary greatly so we created a machine that can be infinitely adjusted within its parameters to fit each individual job exactly,” said Josh Hood, HammerHead product line manager. “This level of control is critical to the success of gasline slitting applications, which was a driving factor in the improvements we made from the previous version. We worked to create a winch with the necessary power and agility for a wide range of situations to ensure customer success.”

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The HG1200 winch is powered by the Kubota D1105, a vertical, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine that complies with Tier 4 emission regulations. This lightweight, dependable engine increases the unit’s performance and fuel efficiency. The radial piston motor provides a smoother, more consistent pull.

The HG1200 has several configuration options available from the factory to meet specific customer needs:

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  • Optional Tracks – The optional track-mounted HG1200AT reaches difficult areas on your job site that the standard, wheel-mounted units cannot.
  • Electrical Strike Identification system (ESID) – The optional ESID system is designed to provide additional safety on the job site when working near adjacent underground utilities.
  • Hydraulic levelling jacks – The hydraulic option allows users to easily adjust downhole access, improving project efficiency.

The HammerHead HydroGuide HG1200 winch is available directly from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment or from authorized dealers worldwide. Authorized dealers can be found at www.hammerheadtrenchless.com. Tags: ,