Introducing the NUCA Advantage 401(k) Program: Trust — Expertise — Reliability

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NUCA advantageBy Robert Baylor

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NUCA’s popular NUCA Advantage program just became even more popular with our introduction of the NUCA Advantage group 401(k) program.

Because a 401(k) retirement program for employees gathers many tasks involved in operating a retirement plan and hands them over to third-parties—often at a competitive group rate—joining the NUCA Advantage 401(k) program means you get all the advantaged of offering a retirement plan to your employees without having to own all the responsibilities.
The NUCA Advantage 401(k) program helps you meet your goals, on your terms.

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When it comes to starting a retirement plan, or switching providers, the importance of feeling good about what your company and employee will receive can’t be overstated. When you become a member of NUCA Advantage you open doors that immediately connect you to knowledgeable people, expertise, services, and resources you can rely upon.

Perhaps you want to maintain a certain level of control and oversight of your company’s plan. Or you may want to hand off many of the details to experts. Regardless of the level of support and guidance you choose, with NUCA’s new 401(k) program you’ll have the partnership of an experienced, knowledgeable team who is easy to do business with and has your best interest in mind.
The NUCA Advantage 401(k) offers your company these advantages:

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  • Collaborating with financial professionals, third-party administrators and others to put their combined experience to work for your plan on your behalf
  • Ensures your plan follows all the rules and regulations associated with sponsoring an employee retirement plan
  • Manages the day-to-day details and overall strategy
  • Less administrative work, as you hand-off many of the responsibilities that come with running a 401(k)
  • Explores opportunities for improvement in performance and cost-savings

We’re thrilled to announce NUCA’s partnership with Lincoln Financial Group to deliver this new and refreshed 401(k) plan for your employees. Partnering with Lincoln delivers benefits that go beyond the retirement plan itself. Lincoln has been in business for 115 years, and is a recognized leader in the retirement plan industry. Members who join the NUCA Advantage plan receive ongoing, dedicated attention. Lincoln plan sponsors rated their overall satisfaction at 90% in 2019, and their award-winning website helps make you and your employee’s experience even easier.

It’s the start of a new year, making this a perfect opportunity for you to reach out to NUCA’s director administrator Christopher Price who will review and benchmark your goals. If you have an existing 401(k) plan, Christopher can assess whether it is meeting your employees’ needs—or if transitioning to the NUCA Advantage 401(k) program could better meet your company’s needs.

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Christopher is ready to help NUCA’s members with this valuable new membership benefit. Please contact him at 954-625-1531 or by email at

The NUCA Advantage team at Memberfy is also standing by for your call (844-636-2739) or email ( to get your started on your member benefits package. More information about the many new NUCA Advantage benefits powered by Memberfy can be found online 24/7 at

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Robert Baylor is NUCA’s director of communications. He has worked in senior communication positions for various trade association, and also as the senior writer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He earned a B.A. in History from George Mason University. He can be reached at

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