Lincoln Electric Offers Fall Camo Ranger Graphics on Two Engine-Driven Welders

lincolnelectricfallcamorangersFor a limited time, Lincoln Electric is offering a special edition Fall Camo graphics wrap on two of its top engine-driven welders – the Ranger 250 GXT and Ranger 305 G EFI. The exclusive design features an autumn forest camouflage scheme. These special-edition models only are available for purchase through Dec. 31.

The Ranger 250 GXT delivers plenty of welding power with 250 amps for AC or DC stick and DC wire welding, including TIG, MIG and flux-cored options. It is rated 250 amps/25 volts for AC, DC and CV. All outputs are rated at 100 percent duty cycle 104°F (40°C).

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With AC generator power at up to 10,000 watts continuous, the Ranger 250 GXT produces enough single-phase AC power for lights, grinders, pumps and other equipment. Its fully enclosed case offers both quiet operation and exceptional protection for the 23-hp Kohler gasoline engine. A 12-gal fuel tank keeps refueling stops to a minimum.

The Ranger 305 G EFI (electronic fuel injection) can easily become a portable welding station, offering such processes as general stick and downhill pipe, Touch Start TIG, MIG and flux-cored wire. This welder provides easier starts in cold weather and lower fuel consumption, with no choke starting required.

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Digital weld meters make it easy to accurately pre-set procedures, as well as monitor actual welding output. Lincoln Electric Chopper Technology  provides easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance. A single-phase AC generator provides 12,000 watts peak for motor starting and 9,500 watts of continuous AC power for tools. The Ranger 305 G EFI features a 12-gal fuel capacity allows for extended operation.