Product of the Month: MiniTrencher’s SiBore™ Drill Offers Innovative Solutions for Complex Excavations

Utility contractors encounter a multitude of obstacles when it comes to trenching. This routine activity presents diverse challenges ranging from precision-related hurdles to environmental considerations. Within this spectrum, excavating beneath concrete or asphalt surfaces emerges as a particularly intricate aspect, requiring specialized solutions. MiniTrencher, a manufacturer known for its portable digging equipment, has added the SiBore™ Drill to its product lineup to complement its portable trenching solutions in its family of GeoRippers. 

The SiBore™ Drill is a compact and efficient drilling solution that can easily dig under hard objects in minutes without breaking the surface. It uses a waterless boring method, leaving no mud for easy cleanup.  

Notably, the SiBore™ Drill is a versatile tool that can quickly convert into a vertical post-hole digger within minutes, offering dual functionality. This adaptability makes it an invaluable asset for projects that demand precision drilling under obstacles like sidewalks or driveways and vertical boring tasks. Its ease of use, coupled with the ability to switch functions rapidly, provides a practical solution for utility installations, minimizing the need for extensive excavation and preserving landscape aesthetics.

With a shipping weight of 70 lbs., the SiBore™ Drill can be transported in the trunk of a car or bed of a small pickup. Powered by a Honda® 4-cycle engine or a Makita® 40V MAX XGT motor, the auger chews through soil quickly and efficiently. SiBore™ Drill has three models: SB216 comes standard with 2” and 4” diameter earth drilling bits and SB215 comes standard with a 1” drilling bit for fiber optic and other direct-bury electrical/wire, or both models with the SB431, which comes complete with all the accessories from the SB215 and SB216, but with only one engine or motor. Accessory earth drilling bits come in ranges from the 1” drill tip or 2” – 8” augers, and 36” drill rods or 32” extensions are available as an accessory purchase. Pair with GeoRipper® handheld trencher for the fastest, safest production.

MiniTrencher also introduced its battery-powered division in 2023 with the GeoRipper® e/B electric/Battery. Utilizing a Greenworks® or Makita® XGT electric battery motor, the GeoRipper® e/B is a complete trenching unit that includes a battery-powered motor, battery, and charger, as well as MiniTrenchers’ best-in-class digging chains, bars, and accessories. 

For even more versatility, the SiBore / GeoRipper Combo Pack combines the Makita® XGT battery system and motor to power the electric SiBore™ Drill and GeoRipper® e/B in a single, multi-purpose digging tool. One tool that can be used for trenching, horizontal digging or vertical drilling.

However, that is not all that changed last year with MiniTrencher’s family of products. MiniTrencher also redesigned its core product GeoRipper®. In 2020, MiniTrencher moved its manufacturing to the United States. This change raised the cost of a GeoRipper® but provided a better-quality product. Partnering with Makita® until they discontinued their gas-engine product lines, MiniTrencher decided The GeoRipper® will now have its own powerhead platform. When asked why the change, JJ Harris, General Manager, stated, “The benefits of using a retail, name-brand engine like Husqvarna or Stihl are many. However, the biggest issue was going to be price. The name-brand engines were not built specifically for trenching in the ground. Features of these name-brand concrete saws were detrimental and expensive for our customers. Developing a specific, gas-powered engine for our all-new GeoRipper allowed us to pass incredible savings on.” All-new and redeveloped, The GeoRipper® 20” is $500.00 less than its predecessor, the Original GeoRipper® 620.

For contractors that have a brand preference when it comes to outdoor power equipment, MiniTrencher has the GeoRipper®T/A Trenching Attachment that is compatible with select Stihl®, Husqvarna®, Echo®, and Makita® power cutters. The GeoRipper®T/A launched in 2021 with the latest trenching adapter technology. The GeoRipper®T/A allows users to go between a cut-off saw and mini trencher in five minutes for dual functionality.

Explore for a comprehensive range of products empowering utility contractors. Advanced tools like the GeoRipper® and SiBore™ Drill enable precise, efficient, and environmentally conscious approaches to diverse projects. These innovations streamline operations and open new possibilities for minimally invasive practices in the utility sector.