More Than 47,000 Workers Took Part in the 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down

The results of the 2019 TSSD Week, sponsored by NUCA and the Safety Ambassadors Club, the North American Shoring and Excavation Association (NAXSA), the Trench Shoring and Shielding Association (TSSA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), were astounding. More than 47,000 workers on more than 4,500 jobsites from 324 organizations participated this year. We more than doubled 2018’s results! Additionally, NUCA received two Governor’s Proclamations from the great states of Tennessee and Nebraska recognizing the week of July 17-21, 2019 as Trench Safety Stand Down Week.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to conduct stand downs during the busy construction season by holding pro-bono training across the country, including classroom instruction, onsite Toolbox Talks, and even mock rescues with local emergency response teams. Your participation speaks volumes about your commitment to employee safety. And, most importantly, together you have undoubtedly saved lives!

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Participating Organizations:


3D Excavating
A.A. Will Corporation
A.J. Johns, Inc.
A-1 Excavating, Inc.
AAC Contracting, Inc.
Abe Utilities, Inc.
Absolute Infrastructure
Achen- Gardner Construction LLC
AES Advanced Excavation Specialis
AGI Construction
Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center
All Around Underground
Allegheny Contracting, LLC
Allegiance Contracting Group
Allied Construction Group, Inc.
Alpha Environmental
Anvil Builders
Aqua Line utility, Inc.
Atlas Excavating, Inc.
B. Frank Joy, LLC
B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc.
B.R.S., Inc.
Badger Daylight Corp
Baltazar Contractors, Inc.
Bancker Construction
Barber Utilities
Bayshore Concrete, LLC
BCI, Inc. dba Butler Company
Bernhard MCC
Bill Tucker Utility Contractors
Black Construction Corporation
Blue Nile Contractors
Blue Spader Contractors
Boise, VAMC Safety
Boller Construction Co.
Boomerang Corporation
Boyle and Fogarty Construction Co., Inc.
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Buffalo Gap Instrumentation and Electrical Division
Bultena Engineering
Butler Company
Byrd Underground, LLC
C&M Construction
C&R Tractor and Landscaping, Inc.
C.C. Construction, Inc.
Cannon Construction
CBG, Inc.
Centerline, Inc.
Chapel Valley Landscape Company
Charles J., Merlo, Inc.
City of Everet
Cleary Construction, Inc.
Concord Water & Sewer Division
Coneco Engineers & Scientists, Inc.
Conley Excavating
Corell Contractor, Inc.
Cornerstone Excavating
institute Education Center
CW & Sons Infrastructure
D&G Contractors, Inc.
D&P Management & Associates
D’Allessandro Corp
Daniel O’Connell’s Sons
Danielson Incorporated
Dave Schmitt Construction
DC Water
Delchg Construction
Dept. Of Veterans Affairs, CFM
Dimeo Construction Company
DOLI Construction Corporation
Douglas N. Higgins, Inc.
DR Horton
Drish Construction
Dryco Construction
Duke Construction + Excavation
E.E. Cruz & Co. Contractors & Engineers
E.T. Mackenzie Companies
Elder Corporation
Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.
Engineered Structures, Inc.
Ervin Cable Construction
FED. Corp.
Feeney Brothers Utility Services
Fehlinger Construction Group, LLC
Ferguson Trenching Company
Fidelity Contracting, LLC
Fiore & Sons, Inc.
Fire Line Services, Inc.
Flatiro Construction
Flatiron/Blythe Development
Ford Construction Company
Foremost Pipeline Construction Co.
Fort Myre Construction Company
Fowlkes Pipeline, Inc.
Franklin Utility
Gagliarducci Construction, Inc.
Gaines and Company
Garney Construction
Genesis Plumbing Enterprises, LLC
Gildner Excavating
Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.
Goldwater City and Board of Public Utilities
Graham Construction
Granite Excavation, Inc.
Gray and Son, Inc.
Gulf Coast Veterans Healthcare Sustem
GVC Construction, Inc.
H&H Electric, Inc.
H.L. Wiker, Inc.
Halbrook Excavating
Hamilton Contracting
Hardison/Downey Construction Civil Group
Havens Construction Co
Hawkins & Price, LLC
Hawkins Construction
Holmes Construction Company
Horizontal Boring and Tunneling
Hos Brothers Construction
IAN Corporation
IEW Construction Group, Inc.
Independence Excavating
Integrity Kokosing Pipeline Services
Interwest Construction, Inc.
Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
Iowa Trenchless
Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services
Ivey’s Construction, Inc.
J&K Contracting
J&L Contracting
J. D’Amico, Inc.
J. Derenzo Co.
Jack St. Clair, Inc.
Jax Dirtworks, Inc.
Jennings Excavating, Inc.
John Burns Construction Company of Texas
Johnson Construction Company
JR. Davis Construction Company, Inc.
Judds Brothers Construction Co.
JW Fowler
K&W Underground, Inc.
KBS Construction Company, LLC
Kelsey Excavating, Inc.
Ken Leahy Construction
KG Walters Construction
King Construction Services
Kings Construction Co., Inc.
Kissick Construction Company
Konell Construction & Demolition Corp.
Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Kukurin Contracting, Inc.[/one_half]

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La Salle
Las Vegas Paving Corporation
Laser Underground & Earthworks, Inc.
Laweson and Sons, LLC
Liberty Excavators
Locust Lane Farms
M&L Construction, Inc.
M.B Kahn Construction
M.J. Scully & Co., Inc.
Matrix 5 Site Developmen
Matthews Wall Anchor and
Waterproofing Services
McAninch Corporation
McClam & Associates, Inc.
McDonald Excavating
McKee Enterprises
ME Collins Contracting
Metro Equipment Corporation
Michael F. Ronca and Sons, Inc.
MidMountain Contractors Inc.
Miles Excavating, Inc.
Milestone Weber, LLC
Miller Pipeline Corp.
Monarch Construction Company
More Trench America
Moss Welding
MTX Underground Contractors
MW Builders
N8 Excavation
National Trench Safety
Netvision, Inc.
NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc.
North Sky Communications
Northeast Foundation + Concrete, Inc
Northwest Natural
Ohio, BWC, Division of Safety & Hygiene
On Track Construction
O’Neill Plumbing
Opperman Construction Co.
Oscar Renda Contracting
P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc.
Paris Corporation
Park Construction Company
Park Construction of North Carolina, Inc.
Pearson Construction LLC
Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
Perry Engineering Co., Inc.
Peterson Contractors, Inc.
Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc.
Pihl, Inc.
Pioneer Construction Company, Inc.
Pirc Tobin
Pivetta Brothers Construction
Portland Utilities Construction Co., LLC
Potelco, Inc.
Premier Underground Construction
Pro Safe, LLC
Pure Power Contractors
Quandel Construction Group, LLC
R.A. Burch Construction
R.H. White
R.M. Pacella, Inc.
Radmacher Brother Excavating Co., Inc.
Rasch Construction
Rathje Construction
Razorback Boring, Inc.
Reilly Construction
RJV Construction
Robert B. Our Co., Inc.
Robinson Brothers Construction, Inc.
Rognes Corporation
Roloff Construction
Roy Anderson Corp
Royal T. Enterprises, Inc.
RP Iannuccillo & Sons Construction Company
Ryatt Construction
Rylie Equipment & Contracting
Safety Group LTD
SAK Construction
Santa, Inc.
Schlouch Incorporated
Scorella Brothers
Security Shoring & Steel Plates, Inc.
Selge Construction
Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc.
Smyrna Water Treatment Plan
South Carolina Department of Transportation
Richland Maintenance
South West Light Rail Transi
Southwest Gas Corporation
Standard Utility Construction, Inc.
Sullivan Eastern, Inc.
Sunbelt Rentals
Sunland Construction, Inc.
T.A. Loving Company
Team Construction, LLC
Team Fishel
The Austin Company
The DOW Company, Inc.
The Driller, LLC
The Fishel Company
The MEI Group
The Reybold Group of Companies, Inc.
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Group
Thompson Construction
Tierra Group
Total Earth Services, LLC
Town of Falmouth, Public Works Department
Town of Longmeadow DPW
Town of Smyrna – Water + Sewer
Maintenance Department
Track Utilities, LLC
Triple B Construction
TSI Mechanical
Tugsten Engineering Contractors
Tunista, LLC
Turn-Key Tunneling
Umbro & Sons Construction Corp
United Rentals Trench Safety
University of Michigan
US DOL, Harrisburg Area Office
Utility Construction Services
V.A. Spatz and Sons Construction, Inc.
Vallencourt Construction
Valley Corp.
Valley Pacific Construction
Van Kirk Brothers Contracting
Vanderpool Construction, Inc.
Vaughn Industries
Veterans Administration – Indianapolis
Veterans Health Administration
Village of Wilmette Water + Sewer
Vinton Construction Company
Vissering Construction
W. Rogers Company
W.L. French Excavating Corp.
W.M.T. Spaeder
Walsh Contracting Corp.
Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc.
Water Pollution Control – City of Cleveland
WC Spratt, Inc.
Weaver Brother Const. Co., Inc.
Weitman Excavation
Wellesley Mass. DPW
WES Construction Corp.
Western Municipal Water Distric
William A. Hazel, Inc.
William Anthony Excavating, Inc.
York Excavating Co., LLC
Zachry Underground and Utility Service
ZamCo Directional Drilling, LLC

E.T. MacKenzie of Florida, Inc. - Bradenton, FL

E.T. MacKenzie of Florida, Inc. – Bradenton, FL

Absolute Infrastructure LLC - Grimes, IA

Absolute Infrastructure LLC – Grimes, IA

J&K Contracting - Ames, IA

J&K Contracting – Ames, IA

Garney Construction, Chantilly, VA, and Team Fishel, Manassas, VA

Platform moves into position for rescue – Garney Construction, Chantilly, VA, and Team Fishel, Manassas, VA

L.G. Roloff Construction - Omaha, NE.tif

L.G. Roloff Construction – Omaha, NE.

A.J. Johns, Inc. - Jacksonville, FL

A.J. Johns, Inc. – Jacksonville, FL

Victim being put on stretcher - NUCA of VA

Victim being put on stretcher – NUCA of VA

Marathon Petroleum Co. LP – Ashland, KY

Marathon Petroleum Co. LP – Ashland, KY

United Rentals and Garney Construction, Cary, NC

United Rentals and Garney Construction, Cary, NC

Kissick Construction Co. Inc. – Kansas City, MO

Kissick Construction Co. Inc. – Kansas City, MO

NUCA of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE

NUCA of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Schlouch Inc., - Blandon, PA

Schlouch Inc., – Blandon, PA

Judds Brothers Construction Co. - Lincoln, NE

Judds Brothers Construction Co. – Lincoln, NE

Black Construction Corp. – Yona, Guam

Black Construction Corp. – Yona, Guam

Thanks to everyone who came to 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down.

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