New Kentucky Chapter Holds First Board Meeting

The new NUCA of Kentucky chapter held its first board meeting on July 9, convening via Zoom as the group formally became NUCA’s 31 chapter. Among the action items at the historic meeting was the approval its leadership slate of 2020-2022 officers/directors, Chapter Bylaws, dues rates and policy, and core issues. The Board also approved its first Membership Report and Treasurer’s Report, showing membership and income growth.

Among the core issues identified: workforce development, KY dig laws, safety promotion, infrastructure funding, and industry collaboration. In addition, it voted to launch a “Founding Members” campaign. All companies joining NUCA Kentucky during July/August become official “Chapter Founder Companies” in perpetuity.

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The founding officers are: President – Adam Terry, Project Manager, Cleary Construction, Tompkinsville, Ky.; President-Elect – Dave Doggette, Safety Manager, Team Construction, Bowling Green, Ky.; Vice President – Shawn Martin, President, Martin Contracting, Richmond, Ky.; Treasurer – Tim Vaughn, Regulatory Affairs Director, Kentucky 811, Louisville, Ky.; Directors – Doug Wood, Senior Vice President of Site Division, Louisville Paving, Louisville, Ky.; Steve Mossholder, Vice President of Construction, Flynn Brothers Contracting, Louisville, Ky.; Neal Biggs, EHS Director, MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc., Louisville, Ky.; Tim Grant, Co-Owner, Grant’s Excavating, Richmond, Ky.; Jamie Nettles, General Manager, Ferguson Waterworks, Louisville, Ky.; Steven Leff, Branch Manager, United Rentals Trench Safety, Louisville, Ky.; and Drew Windhorst, Assistant Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Louisville, Ky.

Kentucky chapter president Adam Terry said during a podcast with NUCA of Middle Tennessee that the notion of forming a Kentucky chapter began to take form in 2019, but momentum began forming in earnest in January 2020. “We started in early January with a key group of people having a conversation, which led to our first conference call in February with 6 to 8 people involved. After that the core group started getting the word out and by the second call conference call in April we had 30-40 people involved. It was really incredible that we were able to get so many people who wanted to be part of the chapter,” he said.

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“We have had many people interested in joining, including many of the bigger players in the industry,” he continued. “We welcome everyone to get involved because the bigger we are, the more we are going to be heard.”

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