NUCA of Middle Tennessee Supports Tornado Relief Efforts

In the wake of severe tornados that ripped through Middle Tennessee on March 3, NUCA of Middle Tennessee is organizing relief efforts to help those impacted by the storms. In a statement, NUCA of Middle Tennessee President Matt Mingus wrote:

As we are all very aware, a nasty storm moved through middle Tennessee, which produced tornados and destroyed parts of our community. NUCA of Middle TN is trying to support t he effort to get our fellow middle Tennesseans back on their feet and back in their homes, businesses, and schools.

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At least two families in the NUCA of Middle TB community have been affected severely. There is a superintendent from Cleary Construction whose family was hit hard. His father lost his home and his brother and his nephew passed away in the storm. We also had an employee from Team Construction whose brother had his house destroyed. This is only to name two that we know of currently. I am sure there are plenty more members of our NUCA family that need help as most of our communities have been affected.

As Tennesseans we have always come together in the face of tragedy. This has been shown by response to the tornados of 1998 and 1999 and the great flood of 2010. It is time to come together again. I am asking that each NUCA of Middle TN member donate $1,000, or an amount that you think is appropriate, to this effort. Our fellow ditch diggers to the south are doing the same, as GUCA has asked their members to donate the same amount if possible. NUCA National is also behind us in our efforts to support our communities.

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We ask you to be generous and donate your time assisting in the cleanup effort if possible. After all, when we say “We Dig Tennessee” we are not referring simply to digging. We are also committed to the total care of our industry and the communities within which we work.

All donations will go directly to those affected by the disaster. NUCA of Middle Tennessee relief funds can be sent to the Chapter ED, Juda Hamby at, or mailed to the Chapter address: NUCA Middle Tennessee Chapter, 1461 Old Stone Rd., Lebanon, TN 37087.

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