NUCA of Pennsylvania Hosts Leadership Training Session

NUCA of PennsylvaniaNUCA of Pennsylvania hosted the first session of its new leadership series, “Inspire Your Leaders,” on Feb. 27, at the Penn Stater Conference Center. The event was a big success, bringing 28 contractors together to learn more about leadership training.

The two morning sessions were presented by NUCA of Pennsylvania micro-volunteers from Schlouch Inc., including: Don Swasing, Steve Allan, Doug Gable, Glen Powell and Keith Endy. Each speaker shared their stories and leadership concepts. The group also participated in some role-playing exercises and shared their individual experiences.

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In the afternoon session, Pennsylvania sales tax attorney Lloyd Persun of Persun & Heim taught participants the “world of sales taxes” in the utility construction industry. George Ellis, Owner of Ellis Consulting Services, concluded the seminar with a presentation of the pitfalls of contractors who do not heed the various contract clauses that mean the difference between getting paid or not getting paid. Due to the success of this event, NUCA of Pennsylvania is looking forward to arranging a second leadership training session for its members.