NUCA’s 2017 TSSD Met with Enthusiasm, High Participation

NUCA Trench Safety Stand DownNUCA’s 2017 Trench Safety Stand Down (TSSD), endorsed this year by DoL and OSHA was an amazing success: As of July 17, more than 8,750 workers participated on more than 750 jobsites — more than doubling last year’s results, and these numbers are only preliminary. The final totals are expected to increase significantly as more completion forms come in. Additionally, word of the TSSD has spread internationally this year, as Air Force Safety Manager, [name], held a stand down at Bagram Airforce Air Field in Afghanistan, where civil engineering airmen teamed up with DOD contractors to hold their own stand down!

Please continue to send in your Participation Forms (even if you held your stand down after June 24). NUCA wants to be sure you are recognized in the next issue of the magazine. You will also receive a TSSD 2017 certificate and hard hat stickers for all participating employees. Email forms to or fax them in at 703.358.9307. Stay tuned for the next Utility Contractor for complete coverage.

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