Oxford Plastics Pioneers Innovative Trench Cover System Compliant with Disability Codes

Oxford Plastics, a leading provider of innovative site safety solutions, has announced its introduction of a groundbreaking Trench Cover System designed to comply with stringent ADA disability codes for wheelchairs, pedestrians and bicycles.

The products, which are American Disability Association (ADA) compliant signifies a significant leap forward in enhancing accessibility and safety in public spaces across the United States.

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ADA compliance has been a crucial focus, particularly in older cities where trip hazards and accessibility issues are prevalent. Oxford Plastics’ pedestrian trench cover system, known as the LowPro 15/10, includes ADA Ramps that provide a safe and compliant solution for navigating curbs, sidewalks, and street works.

Key Features of the Oxford Plastics’ Trench Cover system include:

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1:12 Gradient Ramps: The LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover System is available with ADA ramps. Create an accessible 1:12 gradient for cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, and strollers

Highly Slip Resistant: Oxford Plastics’ trench cover systems are engineered with durable anti-slip, moulded into the surface that offers exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. Safety is paramount, ensuring wheelchair users, pedestrians, bicyclists, and stroller users can traverse surfaces with confidence.

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Versatile and Robust: The LowPro 15/10 is a lightweight, composite trench cover, weighing only 84lb. Suitable for pedestrians and 7700lbs vehicles over a 36″ excavation, it’s the perfect alternative to steel plates.

Easy Installation: The patented LowPro edge design allows for hassle-free installation in most applications without the need for bolts. This feature streamlines deployment, making the Trench Cover System a practical and efficient choice for ADA compliance.

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Sustainability: Oxford Plastics is committed to sustainability, and these trench covers are no exception. They reduce the need for heavy lifting machinery and can be transported on lighter vehicles, reducing the amount of CO2e on site, aligning with the company’s eco-friendly initiatives.

Temporary Use: While highly durable, the slip-resistant pattern may wear down with extensive foot traffic. Oxford Plastics’ Trench Cover Systems are designed to last, ensuring long-term performance.

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Mike Riley, Business Development Manager at Oxford Plastics, said: “We are proud that our products are ADA compliant and to introduce our innovative LowPro Trench Cover System including access ramps. Our commitment to ADA compliance and our dedication to innovation has resulted in a product line that addresses the pressing accessibility challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. We believe that these ramps will make a positive impact on communities across the United States.”

For more information about Oxford Plastics’ ADA compliant Trench Cover System, and other innovative site safety solutions, please visit https://www.oxfordplastics.com/en-us/ada-compliant-pedestrian-mat-system

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