Privitera Elected NUCA Chairman of the Board

The National Utility Contractors Association’s (NUCA) Board of Directors formally inducted Anthony (Tony) L. Privitera II as their new Chairman on March 23 at their Annual Meeting held in Palm Spring, California.

In his acceptance speech, Chairman Privitera focused on advancing the personal relationships of NUCA members in the organization for the benefit of their company and the nation’s utility construction industry:

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“My top leadership goal as Chairman is to underscore how important your personal relationships in business are to NUCA and our industry,” said Privitera in his acceptance speech. “We are the ambassadors of this association and its enormous value to our industry. Personal relationships open doors. They open them on Capitol Hill, and they open them for all of us when we talk to our fellow industry members about NUCA and our Chapters.”

Tony Privitera is Executive Vice President of Mark One Electric Co., Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. He started working for Mark One as the son of the president when he was 14 years old, working in the warehouse and learning the business from the ground floor. Years later, Tony took over as a vice president in 1994 when his father retired and turned business operations over to his four sons. Under his leadership, the company evolved to provide electrical contracting services from design/build and pre-construction to underground and data/communications services around the Kansas City region and surrounding states.

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Privitera has also served as past president of the NUCA Greater Kansas City Region chapter. He is still involved in the chapter’s Board of Directors, and has actively served on NUCA National’s Governmental Affairs Committee and the Executive Committee.

Also elected to the leadership team at the March 23 NUCA Annual Meeting was Kevin Cripps as Vice-Chair, David Howell as Treasurer, and Jason Clark as Secretary. Tom Butler, the former chairman, now becomes Immediate Past Chairman.

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The association expanded its executive committee last year and also elected several vice-chairs to its top leadership team. Victor Serrambana (NorthEast Region Vice-Chair), Bob Snyder (MidWest Region Vice-Chair), Gary Silbernagel (West Region Vice-Chair), Kirk Blomgren (SouthEast Region Vice-Chair), Tom Lingvai (Central Region Vice-Chair), and Andy Williams (At-Large) were also elected to the NUCA Executive Committee.

Privitera concluded in his Saturday speech to the members, “Our industry faces both challenges and opportunities. Aging infrastructure, workforce shortages, and evolving technologies demand our attention. But let us not forget the immense impact we have on communities—the roads we build, the pipes we lay, and the systems we maintain. We are the silent architects of progress, ensuring that life flows seamlessly for millions.”

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Privitera’s term as Chairman of the Board will end one year from now at the next NUCA Annual Meeting, scheduled for March 2025 in Orlando, Florida. After his term is completed, Privitera will then become the association’s Immediate Past Chairman, and continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

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