Product Spotlight: Vactor HXX HydroExcavator

HXX HydroExcavatorFor more than 100 years, Vactor Manufacturing has provided customers around the world with a wide range of material handling equipment. Today, the company is a leading provider of vacuum excavation equipment used by contractors and municipalities across the country for non-destructive digging in a wide range of applications, and an industry leader in sewer and catch basin cleaners and industrial vacuum loaders featuring innovative technology and custom configurable designs. Vactor currently produces the full-size Vactor HXX HydroExcavator and the compact Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator.

Product Spotlight: HXX HydroExcavator

The Vactor HXX HydroExcavator provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with the on-board water. The standard variable flow water systems allow lower water flow, resulting in less operator fatigue and a cleaner, more precise digging process. The systems also allow for up to 25 gpm for those projects requiring higher water flow capabilities. For safer operation around utilities, Vactor recently released its patent pending DigRight Technology, which allows the Vactor HXX operator to select the maximum desired working water pressure for their application based on vacuum excavation best practices. This selection will limit the water pump from exceeding site, industry or customer maximum pressures to ensure a safe and non-destructive method of excavation. DigRight Technology also reduces wear and tear on the water system which extends the life of the product.

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A new 7-in. waterproof IntelliView Screen is optically bonded for improved readability and brighter visibility. The centralized data system monitors and displays real-time equipment performance data such as blower rpm, blower temperature and fuel consumption in gallons/hour. The Vactor HXX also features a new boom turret design that provides increased vertical range of motion for improved operator performance and productivity. This increased range of motion enables the operator to complete most applications with only one dig tube, eliminating the need for additional vacuum tubes.


“The search for a vacuum excavator begins the same as any piece of equipment: Know the job you’re planning to complete,” says Ben Schmitt, Product Manager for Vactor Mfg. “By identifying the type of work your crew will perform, the equipment decision process will run a lot more smoothly. It’s also helpful to know the size of a typical application so that the correct size debris body is selected to complete the work as efficiently as possible. And, as an equipment buyer, it’s important to ensure your supplier provides a comprehensive operation and safety manual and training program.”

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