Ryan Kinning Elected NUCA Chairman of the Board

Penro Construction Executive Takes Top Job at Utility Construction Association

The National Utility Contractors Association’s (NUCA) Board of Directors formally inducted Ryan Kinning as their new Chairman on March 5 at their Annual Meeting held in San Antonio, Texas.

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In his acceptance speech, Chairman Kinning focused on the coming opportunities for association members and the strong growth expected ahead for the utility construction industry:

“This is a great honor and I intend to make the most of it for the members and our industry,” said Ryan Kinning, NUCA’s new Chairman. “Membership engagement leads to increased recognition of this organization’s value, and that drives increased retention and growth. With these goals leading our 35 Chapters forward, we will make America’s utility construction businesses and NUCA thrive. NUCA is making the investments today to deliver significant results tomorrow.”

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Ryan Kinning is the Vice President and co-owner of Penro Construction of Pender, Nebraska. Having grown up in the utility construction industry, the choice to follow in his father’s footsteps was an easy one. Penro Construction has been a member of NUCA since 1981, with his parents being loyal attendees of past NUCA Conventions, bringing Ryan to them from a very young age.

NUCA membership has played an important part in Kinnings’s professional career since helping to start the association’s Nebraska chapter in 2009. Since then, Kinning served as the President of NUCA of Nebraska and won NUCA’s Outstanding Leadership by a Chapter President in 2013.

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Kinning next served on the National Board of Directors for NUCA from 2015 to 2018. Kinning has been on the executive council of NUCA since 2019, first serving as Secretary.

His prior work within the association focused on membership growth. Kinning became Chairman of NUCA’s Chapter Formation Subcommittee in 2015 and was involved in the formation of 10 chapters nationwide. In 2016, he helped form what is now known as NUCA Advantage, a substantial member benefits program that serves as a marketplace for industry services to members and a non-dues revenue source for NUCA and its chapters. For his significant national contributions to America’s utility construction and excavation industries, Kinning was presented the 2017 NUCA “Ditchdigger of the Year” award.

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Kinning’s tenure will focus on NUCA’s expansion of tangible member benefits and how to use those tools to increase the association’s member’s engagement, retention, and recruiting. Chapter development and strengthening the relationship between NUCA and its 35 Chapters will also be a focus over the next 12 months of his term.

Also elected to the leadership team at the March 5 NUCA Annual Meeting was Tom Butler of Tampa, Florida, as Vice-Chairman. Tony Privitera of Kansas City, Missouri, was re-elected as Treasurer, and Matt Mingus of Nashville, Tennessee, as Secretary. Lauren Atwell, the former chairman, now becomes Immediate Past Chairman.

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Kinning’s term as Chairman of the Board will end one year from now at the next NUCA Annual Meeting, scheduled for March 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. After his term is completed, Kinning will then become the association’s Immediate Past Chairman, and continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

About The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA)

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