Setting your Sights: Vac-Tron Equipment


Before breaking ground on a new project, it’s important to know what buried utilities are hiding underground. Services such as One-Call are a great starting point at identifying a utility’s location, but they are not foolproof. Vacuum excavators, on the other hand, can be essential to your fleet, helping to expose utilities so you don’t cause serious and costly damage.

Vacuum excavation technology has been around in some shape or form since the 1950s. Vacuum hoses are often seen around work areas suctioning the earth to expose a utility in a fast, safe and surgical manner. Operators can safely identify and positively locate a utility — avoiding the potential of damaging it during a dig.

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Vacuum excavator manufacturers provide their histories, summaries and specs for their product lines. Take a look at these machines and consider the benefits they offer when keeping crews safe on the job and utilities in working order.

Vac-Tron Equipment

Continuing the Company’s Success Through the New HTV PTO Model

Founded in 1997, Vac-Tron Equipment has grown to offer more than 30 industrial vacuum products and has 115 dealer locations throughout North America. The company’s founder, Don Buckner, was recognized in 2000 as Florida Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, in conjunction with NASDAQ, CNN and USA Today, as a Young Innovator in Trenchless Technology. Vac-Tron has also been named Industry and Business of the Year, respectively, by The Lake Sentinel and Lake County Economic Development Council.

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Product Spotlight:  HTV PTO Series

Vac-Tron’s full line of the HTV PTO series is available with 300- to 800-gal debris tanks. The PTO (power take off) of the truck drives positive displacement vacuum blowers that produce 1,000 cfm. These units are standard with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear doors, reverse pressure and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 0.5 microns.

vactronThe HTV PTO units give operators the performance needed to take on the tough jobs in a compact package. Air compressors and hydraulic booms are also available. The available towing package is another benefit, allowing an operator to tow other equipment to the jobsite to help with efficiency.

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The 800-gal unit is also available with a high-pressure jetter package (Jetter Truck Vac or JTV). The jetter package includes a hydraulically driven jetter pump that produces 15 gpm @ 3,000 psi along with a power hose real and 500 ft of ½-in. jetter hose.


“Using a regimen of daily checks on your water system, vacuum filter/cyclone and all fluid levels will greatly reduce downtime on the job,” says Brian Showley, vice president of sales for Vac-Tron. “For example, a clogged filter between your water tanks and the water pump can cause a loss of pressure or a loss of prime all together. Also, a vacuum filter system that has not been properly maintained will cause a loss of airflow. Both of these scenarios can reduce jobsite efficiency or cause the equipment to fail.”

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