Top Jobs Water/Sewage Treatment Category Winner: West Nassau Regional Water Treatment Plant, Phase 1B WTP and Wellhead Mechanical

West Nassau Treatment Plant

West Nassau Regional Water Treatment Plant, Phase 1B WTP and Wellhead Mechanical

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Project Name: West Nassau Regional Water Treatment Plant, Phase 1B WTP and Wellhead Mechanical
Category: Water or Sewage Treatment
Contractor: Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors Inc.
Project Owner: JEA
Location: Yulee, Florida

The justification for this project was to improve water plant reliability, water grid redundancy and operating plant flexibility for the Jacksonville (Fla.) Electric Authority’s (JEA) West Nassau Regional Water Treatment Plant.

JEA is the eighth-largest community-owned electric utility company in the United States and the largest in Florida, serving an estimated 478,000 electric, 357,000 water, 279,000 sewer and 15,000 reclaimed water customers.

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To achieve JEA’s goals, this 3.6 MGD water treatment plant project was defined to include a 2,500 gpm raw water supply well and head, 750,000 gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank, sodium hypochlorite facility, 3,500 square foot high service pump building (including large pump room, power and control room, mechanical room, and office area with restroom), plant discharge flow meter and associated on-site water distribution piping. The project involved four high service pumps with variable frequency drives. The project also involved the latest high-tech control system, site security system, and JEA performed fiber optic communications.

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors Inc. (PSCC), based in Jacksonville, was contracted as the prime for this $6 million project. Petticoat-Schmitt specializes in roadways and utilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, and site development. Subcontractors included Cogburn Brothers Inc., a top-tier water and wastewater treatment facility electrical contractor, and Crom Corporation, which provides prestressed concrete tank systems, concrete coatings and extensive concrete restoration.

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The PSCC construction team included Lauren Bedford as project engineer, Aaron Browning as estimator, Jason Plauche as project manager, and Sid Bodie as Project Superintendent.

The successful completion of the project resulted in an upgraded West Nassau Regional Water Treatment Plant that provides improved water system reliability and flexibility to meet current and future domestic, commercial and fire flow water demands for JEA customers.

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“The PSSC team executed the completion of this $6 million project in a well-planned, efficient and quality manner,” said JEA project manager Allan Boree. “Monthly progress meetings with the entire project team were successfully conducted to discuss project schedule, cost, shop drawings, safety and construction related issues. I was particularly pleased with the coordination efforts involving local customer relations, including Florida Power & Light Company, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Nassau County agencies.

“I am pleased to report that this water improvement project was completed on time and within our original budget. It should also be noted that, during the construction period, PSCC maintained a nearly perfect record on JEA safety audits. In summary, I was pleased to have PSCC as part of our project team and would not hesitate to utilize them again on future JEA utility construction projects.”

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