USL Group Acquires Leading Pipe Rehabilitation Equipment Manufacturer

USL Group announced on Nov. 15 that it has acquired Logiball Inc., a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in the early 1980s, Logiball holds a leading position in the manufacturing and supply of inflatable pipe plugs and test-and-seal injection packers for the maintenance and trenchless rehabilitation of collection systems and gravity pipes compromised by groundwater intrusion – a sizable segment of the general infrastructure sector known as the Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) market.

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Logiball’s main product range is test-and-seal injection packers, which are used to confine and apply grouts for the repair of points of water ingress and egress from pipes, such as leaking joints or cracks. Logiball is the primary producer of these specialized products, which has allowed the company to forge a strong position in the niche of the I&I market.

“This acquisition provides channel synergies for both Logiball and our Prime Resins business, which makes chemical grouts. It will enable both companies to expand their reach in the growing I&I market space by leveraging their joint reputations and product offerings,” said John Taylor, Director at USL Group. “Prime Resins has actively pursued growth in this market space, and the clear synergies with Logiball will lead to product improvement and expansion of use that will benefit the trenchless rehabilitation industry as a whole.”

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