Vac-Tron Celebrates 6,000th Unit and ‘Logan Lucky’ Appearance

Vac-Tron Equipment hosted a red carpet event to celebrate its 6,000th unit being built, along with its Low Profile trailer mounted industrial vacuum unit debuting in Logan Lucky, a new hit comedy. The event was held in the Villages, Fla., where Vac-Tron hosted the screening and was a chance for its employees and their families to celebrate this monumental event. Also in attendance was Vac-Tron’s customer Echo Utility Engineering and Surveying, who recently purchased the 6,000th unit, along with Vac-Tron’s dealer, Vermeer Southeast.

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‘Lucky’ doesn’t begin to describe the amazing product placement that Vac-Tron received on the big screen. The movie showed the true power of the Vac-Tron units as actors Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Adam Driver used the unit to suck money out of an underground vault and into the vacuum unit for the big heist.

The Vac-Tron unit made its star appearance within a few minutes of the movie starting. It was a surreal experience to see the Vac-Tron unit live and in action with the loud cheers from the crowd. The movie showcased the unit at least 10 times with extended periods during each shot and the crowd’s enthusiasm increased every time. This was a humbling experience for the employees of Vac-Tron to see a unit that they built in the little city of Okahumpka, Fla., make it to the big screen. Vac-Tron units have been built in Central Florida for over 20 years and shipped all around the world.

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A reporter with The Daily Sun interviewed Vac-Tron’s founder Don Buckner and president Tim Fischer. “We never thought that we’d make it on the big screen and we are excited for all of our employees. We have a great team and to be able to celebrate this event and our 6,000th unit is a true honor”, said Fischer.
“I started Vac-Tron in my two-car garage more than 20 years ago. We started with nothing and built it to the organization it is today,” said Buckner. “It’s just surreal to me to imagine that we had this kind of success with our equipment.”

It’s no wonder the director decided to use a Vac-Tron unit when looking for a versatile way to safely dig and suck material up quickly for a project, even if it was just for a movie. While Vac-Tron does not list “robbing a NASCAR race,” as an application for its product, there are many highly efficient applications for a Vac-Tron unit, i.e. locating utilities, potholing, directional drilling, controlled excavation, industrial cleanup and many more.

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