Volvo Launches New Range of Application-Specific Buckets


Specifically designed to fit Volvo L110-L350 wheel loaders, the Volvo Sand bucket, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor bucket and Volvo Rehandling bucket enable operators to reduce cycle times through more efficient material handling and increased material capacity — reducing fuel consumption by up to 10 percent, depending on application.

“One of the best ways to increase production and limit fuel costs is to efficiently match the bucket to the jobsite,” says Stefan Salomonsson, product manager, wheel loaders at Volvo Construction Equipment. “These new buckets allow for larger material capacity and keep a clean and level work area, so operators can move more in less time. Plus, they’re specifically matched for a variety of ground conditions, so operators have an easier time capturing and delivering material.”

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Shaped to Perform

The intelligently designed buckets are easy to fill, thanks to the bucket shape, balanced floor back ratio and countersunk holes. Spill guards are designed to deflect materials and protect the linkage, while convex side plates provide excellent retainment of material. To prevent different material grades from mixing, the buckets also feature minimized pockets.

More Profit in Every Bucket

Perfectly matched for transporting aggregate, the Volvo Rehandling bucket allows operators to do the same tasks while using less fuel, resulting in more material in the bucket and faster cycles.

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For handling, stockpiling and loading processed materials such as sand, gravel and aggregate, the Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor bucket is the perfect fit. For applications on sand or other soft terrain, the bucket maximizes traction and penetration.

When operating in very soft ground conditions where tire traction is compromised, the Volvo Sand bucket is the ideal choice. Designed for handling sand or aggregate, the long bucket floor maximizes penetration for improved fill-factor, while its flat design helps to maintain a clear and level work area.

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As with all Volvo attachments, the latest additions have undergone extensive testing to ensure the highest standard of productivity and durability across any application. High-tensile steel and wear-resistant parts are positioned in critical areas, minimizing unscheduled downtime.

The two-piece mid-section features a bolt-on cutting edge for easier replacement. All three buckets are available for both Torque Parallel and Z-Bar linkage on Volvo wheel loaders.

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