A Clean Construction Site Is a Safe Construction Site

Construction sites are the scene of 21% of work-related deaths in the USA, making construction the 9th most dangerous job. Fortunately, the number of fatalities is extremely low due to the rigorous safety legislation in this country. However, there is always more than can be done to prevent injury. One of the simplest changes you can make today is to dedicate more time to construction site cleanliness. By tidying and cleaning up as you go, you are helping to vastly improve the safety of your workers. From the threat of falls to exhaustion in the workplace, a simple tidy could literally be a life saver.

 Removing Trip Hazards Should Be Your Priority

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Among elderly people, the leading cause of death by injury is falling. On a construction site, this risk is heightened. While younger and fitter workers are unlikely to die, a trip could easily cause a nasty injury. Nails, screws, and scrap metal can all cut through clothing and pierce the skin, so improve safety by tidying the work site.

Ensure that all tools are put in the right storage place while not in use. Sweep the floor and move all waste into the skip. Once you have done these two things, then you will be left with a clear pathway, free from trip hazards. Already, you have made a huge difference to the safety of your team.

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 Avoiding Air Pollutants

Construction sites will naturally generate a large amount of air pollution. Workers spending several hours a day breathing in contaminated air particles are putting themselves at risk of lung disease, headaches, fatigue, hearing loss, a sore throat, and nasal congestion. If the health of your construction team is important to you, then you need to be hyper aware of air pollution.

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Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation to remove any pollutants, and then keep everything as clean as possible. Dust is full of harmful toxins, so be sure to dust the area regularly. Remember that cleaning products can also contain pollutants, so choose an organic cleaner where possible.

 A More Efficient Workspace

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The final benefit of a clean construction site is that is improves your workrate by increasing efficiency. This will help you to promote an image of quality workmanship and lead to better results in terms of the completed build. More than this though, it is guaranteed to lower the chance of an accident occurring.

This is because a team that can get good results in less time will not suffer the same level of fatigue. As a result, contractors will have higher levels of energy and focus. They will make smarter decisions and will be less likely to make the kind of mistakes that lead to injury.

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 If you care about achieving the highest levels of construction safety, then a clean workspace is essential. It will ensure that all trip hazards are removed and that the air is safe to breathe. Perhaps more importantly, however, it means that you can build efficiently and prevent the dangers of fatigue. Your company results and reputation will be higher, as well as your workforce much more protected from injury.

The article was contributed by Jennifer Dawson.

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