HCSS Introduces ADPlus Dashcam

HCSS, a leading provider of innovative software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline their operations, introduces HCSS Fleet Dashcams that help protect drivers and contractor business bottom lines. Heavy construction companies can use the HCSS Dashcams on their fleet vehicles to not only protect drivers but to avoid unnecessary accidents and insurance costs. HCSS Dashcams integrate with the HCSS Telematics system.

“In 2022, four million harsh driving events were captured in HCSS Telematics,” says Phillip Robinson, Telematics Product Manager at HCSS. “The new dashcam can protect drivers from potential litigation and help clear their names from any wrongdoing. The dashcams also help companies comply with insurance policies, potentially providing discounts on insurance premiums.”

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The HCSS ADPlus Fleet Dashcam is an advanced plug-n-play dash camera with a built-in Al processor to detect driving events like forward collision and improper driver behavior such as using mobile phone usage and distracted driving. Having a dashcam installed has been shown to help reduce unsafe driving behaviors, such as cell phone usage.

HCSS Dashcams will alert the driver in real-time of potentially unsafe behaviors, and upload events to HCSS Telematics to be reviewed by a fleet manager. Dashcams can also be used to verify complaints from the public regarding a driver’s behavior, providing the proof companies need to reduce false claims with recorded footage.

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HCSS ADPlus Dashcam Features include:
⦁ Road and cab-facing cameras
⦁ Plug-n-play installation
⦁ Built-in AI event detection
⦁ Harsh driving detection with 6-axis g-sensor
⦁ Real-time in-cab coaching
⦁ Dual SD card storage with dual-stream recording (HD and SD recording)
⦁ Live-view support
⦁ Ultra-low power sleep mode (<0.1W)

Telematics devices like the HCSS Dashcam capture behavioral events to take precautions against driver errors such as hard acceleration, braking, and turning. The HCSS Telematics Fleet Safety Report compiles driver behavior information into an easy-to-understand report to facilitate driver coaching.

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