B2W Software Reports Strong 2015 Growth

B2WB2W Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class construction software, today announced notable 2015 revenue growth, market penetration and product development achievements. The company grew annual revenue by more than 25 percent for the third consecutive year, achieved 150 new heavy construction enterprise clients, achieved largest single contract in its 23-year history and reached a 1,500th milestone for companies using its flagship B2W Estimate software for estimating and bidding.

“Our unique platform eliminates the challenge of integrating multiple, disparate software solutions for estimating and the various aspects of construction operations,” said Paul McKeon, CEO, B2W. “The industry is recognizing the performance and profitability advantages of our approach based on unified software elements, a single operational database and a collaborative flow of data across the enterprise.”

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Existing clients adopted additional B2W software elements at an increased pace to manage field tracking, equipment maintenance and scheduling. B2W also completed its most aggressive year of product development, enhancing all four specialized elements within its ONE (Operational Networked Elements) Platform, in addition to preparing the launch of two new elements for information management and scheduling.

Several of 2015’s most notable customer transactions include an international company headquartered in the U.S. purchasing B2W licenses for 1,100 users to reengineer its estimating and field tracking workflow, becoming the company’s largest, single project. Later in the year, Emil Anderson Construction in British Columbia became the 1,500th company to adopt the B2W Estimate element for estimating and bidding.

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Construction enterprises in 50 U.S. states, each Canadian province and several countries outside of North America, now utilize B2W’s software solutions. The growing list of companies to adopt all four B2W elements as a cohesive suite now includes W.C. Spratt and C.A. Hull, who continue to experience distinct business advantages.

“We definitely see an advantage in a suite covering the full estimating and operations workflow, with elements that communicate seamlessly with each other,” says Doug Tait, President of W.C. Spratt.

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C.A. Hull Vice President Dave Turner concurs, saying that the unified B2W platform eliminates inaccurate data and provides real-time information for more efficient operations and analytical business decisions.

In 2015 B2W added vital functionality to its B2W Maintain element, a centralized system used to manage equipment maintenance proactively to minimize downtime and costs. Users can now assign, schedule and view work orders with drag-and-drop simplicity within a customizable screen to optimize maintenance planning. The software also monitors parts inventories — in real-time — and tracks warranties automatically to maximize coverage.

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Key B2W Track advancements in 2015 included electronic signature capture and expanded opportunities to manage job information on mobile tablets. Construction companies use B2W Track to record daily production, labor and material use from job sites and to analyze the data in comparison to the original bids.

McKeon says infrastructure improvements throughout North America are driving an increased demand for heavy construction. At the same time, the challenge of funding that work is putting his company’s clients under pressure to improve cost competitiveness. “Margin pressure is accelerating the migration from manual systems and spreadsheets to specialized software to bid with more speed and accuracy, execute more efficiently and leverage data for business analytics,” he explains.

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Moving forward, in 2016 B2W Software will introduce new elements to make it easier to publish and manage customized electronic forms, mine data from the forms in real-time for advanced reporting and to do comprehensive resource planning, scheduling and dispatching.

“With these new elements and the enhancements to Estimate, Track and Maintain, we are responding rapidly to the requests and requirements of our customers. We’re also advancing our vision of a unified software platform for estimating and operations that makes construction companies more agile and more profitable,” McKeon concluded.

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