Caterpillar Creates ‘Know Your Fleet’ Quiz

Caterpillar has created an online quiz titled “Know Your Fleet” to help customers boost jobsite efficiency and profitability. After answering eight questions about their equipment maintenance and technology practices, users will receive a personalized report. It reveals:

  • A customer’s strengths in managing jobs, machines and operators
  • Opportunities to streamline processes and increase uptime
  • Recommendations for addressing business challenges and controlling costs

Customers can discuss results with their Cat dealer and explore equipment management services available through Cat EMSolutions.

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“Our customers’ businesses are complex, and we want to provide them with the right tools to optimize their equipment management practices,” said Tom Bucklar, Caterpillar Technology and Solutions Manager. “The purpose of this short quiz is to help our customers uncover more value, whether they own a few machines or a large, mixed fleet.”

The quiz is part of a broader “Know Your Fleet” campaign about smarter equipment management. Caterpillar offers tips, tools and resources to help companies work better and faster. Topics include getting started with telematics, attracting and training operators, preventing component failures, performing fluid sampling, recovering stolen equipment and reducing idle time.

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Cat EMSolutions is a portfolio of tiered service offerings available through the Cat dealer network. Customers can choose the level of support — from getting connected, to receiving benchmark reports, to having their dealer manage full maintenance and lifecycle planning.

“When you understand how to turn data into actionable information, you can better control costs, mitigate risks and manage people. Your dealer can show you how,” Bucklar said.
To take the quiz, visit

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