Chicago Pneumatic Launches Revamped CPG 25 and CPG 45 Generators

CPCompact and powerful new Chicago Pneumatic (CP) CPG 25 and CPG 45 generators adapt to many jobsite demands. Available in skid-mount and trailer-mount configurations, the new CP generators have been revamped and improved to offer the longest run time in their class.

Ideal for the demands of the rental industry, the new CP generators are lighter weight than the previous versions. They feature the same design principles of CP compressors: trailers identical to the CPS 185 compressor; weatherproofing; and corrosion-resistant, sound-reduced, compact enclosures.

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Both models offer the same platform with a common engine cubicle and enclosure. The generators come with a standard five-year limited engine warranty on the reliable Isuzu 4LE engine with DOC engine exhaust aftertreament.

The CPG 25 offers 32.5 hp, and the CPG 45 runs at 59 hp. A heavy-duty marine impregnated alternator has multi-voltage capabilities. The AREP excitation system offers superior motor starting capabilities, with startup power of up to 300 percent over load for the most demanding motor starting applications.

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A large integrated fuel cell enables the generators to offer the longest run time in their class. At 75 percent load, the CPG 25 boasts up to 45 hours of run time per tank of diesel fuel, while the CPG 45 runs for 30 hours on a single tank. This creates higher productivity and uptime and ultimately lowers the cost of ownership with fewer fuel fills per shift.

The base frame is built tough with heavy gauge, powder-coated galvannealed steel. All fluids are 110 percent contained inside this frame. The superior fit and finish on the enclosure provides sound reduction, as well as weather protection.

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Single-side servicing simplifies maintenance on the CPG 25 and CPG 45 generators. Large service doors provide quick access to components, including the alternator, engine and electrical systems. Drains for water and oil are easy to reach and can be directed outside of the containment basin for draining. The generators also feature extended life filters for 500-hour service intervals.

The two models come standard with a Deep Sea 4510 controller. The user-friendly controller has a backlit display showing all critical machine information. Key features include remote start/stop, generator voltages, frequency, current, total load, power factor, engine speed, oil pressure, run time, engine maintenance schedule, and more.

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“These generators are perfect for the rental industry with the long run time and quick and easy maintenance,” said Jim Siffring, product manager of electric power and light at CP. “Both are workhorses and will be a great machines to power any jobsite.”

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