Contractors from the United States and Canada Earn B2W Software Innovation Awards

B2W Software, a Trimble company and leading provider of heavy construction management software, presented its 2023 Innovation Awards to four contractors during its annual User Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in March.

Jessica Paske (holding award) and the Superior Construction Company team accept the 2023 Best ROI with the B2W Platform award for the company’s success with the unified B2W Platform.

Superior Construction based in Florida and Indiana and Feller Enterprises in Utah were recognized in the Best ROI with the B2W Platform category for success with multiple applications of the B2W Platform. Ajax Paving Industries based in Florida and Michigan won the Best ROI with a Single B2W Application award for results with B2W Maintain. The award for Most Innovative New Use of B2W Software went to Jakes Construction based in British Columbia, Canada for a creative use of the B2W Track application for daily performance tracking.

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Travis Snow of Feller Enterprises in Utah accepted the 2023 Best ROI with the B2W Platform award for the company’s success with the unified B2W Platform.

The unified B2W Platform includes applications for estimating, field tracking, scheduling, fleet maintenance and data capture and reporting. B2W has recognized 24 contractors since the origin of the Innovation Awards program in 2017. Judges select winners from applications submitted by contractors throughout North America. 

Superior Construction demonstrated its integration of B2W Estimate, Track, Maintain and Inform as well as the Viewpoint Vista system for accounting in its award application.

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“We’ve simplified operations, eliminated a lot of paper and saved countless hours spent on redundancies and double entry of data,” according to Superior learning and development manager Jessica Paske. “Improved accuracy in tracking hours, production and equipment utilization enhances our maintenance program and saves our projects money on a daily basis.”

Replacement of Excel spreadsheets with B2W Estimate and Track was a “game changer” at Feller Enterprises, according to estimator and project manager Travis Snow. Snow says the B2W Platform allows the sitework contractor to now review project performance daily at the production account level and to easily review actual past performance and production rates when putting together new bids.

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“We’re bidding much more accurately and faster than with Excel and seeing profits stay very close to what we estimated,” says Snow. “Our foremen like to look at the summary in the B2W Track app daily to make sure they are staying as close as they can to the estimated cost and plan.”

Dan Maitland of Ajax Paving (middle) with B2W’s John Kane and Jennifer Angrisano (left to right) accept the 2023 Best ROI with a Single B2W Application award for the company’s success with B2W Maintain.

Ajax Paving earned the innovation award based on its success in working closely with B2W to customize and deploy B2W Maintain to improve equipment maintenance processes, costs and uptime.

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“Our mission was to move from reactive to proactive maintenance and we have fully demonstrated the power and capabilities of B2W Maintain,” says Ajax fleet manager Dan Maitland. A 29 percent increase in accuracy for planning maintenance, a 31 percent reduction in priority-one emergency work orders and an 11 percent reduction in direct repair costs were among the results highlighted in the application.

Steven Klaassen and Derek Sterkenburg of Jakes Construction (left to right) accept the 2023 Innovation Award for the company’s unique use of B2W Track for performance tracking and reporting.

B2W recognized Jakes Construction for creative use of B2W Track to meet daily performance reporting requirements of a three-year pipeline project in western Canada. Instead of re-entering data from B2W Track into complex spreadsheets originally required by the project owner and general contractors, Jakes demonstrated that customized reporting directly from B2W Track could provide the information in a more concise and user-friendly format.

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“This was a monumental turning point,” according to Derek Sterkenburg, an estimator at Jakes. “We tripled our monthly volume and revenue on the project while reducing administrative time by 66 percent. We estimate that we have saved more than 2,000 hours of administrative time to date.”

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