Digging for Information

Unearthing the Histories, Product Lines and Specs of Your Favorite Excavator Manufacturers

The excavator has become a staple in the utility construction industry. From digging and backfilling to moving and placing pipe, it’s the go-to machine to get the job done. To pay homage to these hard-working pieces of iron and the companies that construct them, we’ve gathered the histories, product offerings and specs for the biggest names in the marketplace.

Over the next 10 pages, learn all about the most popular excavator manufacturers in North America from Case and Caterpillar to Komatsu and Volvo. Compare specs of different models or simply discover the beginnings of a brand you love. There are even insights and advice from industry insiders to aid in purchasing decisions and maintenance matters. So grab a drink, sit back and dig in.

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Case Construction Equipment Excavators

Five Units Build on the Success of More Than 170 Years in Manufacturing

The rich and memorable history of Case Construction Equipment covers more than 170 years. The company emerged in the late 19th century as a result of the innovations of JI Case in the field of steam engines, and later went on to develop equipment for road construction that helped create 20th century streets and roads throughout the world. In the early 20th century, Case became established as full-line manufacturer of construction equipment.

In 1957, Case built the first factory-integrated tractor loader/backhoe, the landmark Case Model 320. Case began manufacturing hydraulic excavators in 1968 when it acquired Drott Mfg. Its current C Series line includes the CX210C, CX250C, CX300C, CX350C and CX470C.

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Product Spotlight: CX210C

The CX210C features increased fuel efficiency, productivity and improved serviceability and operator comfort. The Case CX210C excavator achieves 160 net hp using Tier 4 Interim-certified (Tier 4i), cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology that burns cleaner while delivering superior horsepower. A narrow undercarriage version, measuring 8 ft, 6 in. wide, is available for easier transport.

With 3 percent faster cycle times than previous models, the new CX210C excavator can load more trucks or trench further during every work shift. Along with faster cycle times, the new unit offers operators smoother and easier control and maneuverability. The CX210C provides 7 percent more lift capacity and boasts a 440-lb increase in operating weight to tackle bigger jobs. The excavator has a bucket digging force of 34,171 lbs and a maximum dig depth of 21 ft, 10 in. Standard bucket sizes range from .65 to 1.53 cubic yards. The excavator offers three power modes — SP (speed priority), H (heavy duty) and A (automatic) — to allow operators to choose the best mix of power and fuel efficiency.

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The benefits of good maintenance are both immediate and long term,” says Rob Marringa, Case Brand Marketing Manager. “You can immediately lower operating costs and improve productivity through an aggressive preventive maintenance program. In fact, you can gain an immediate competitive advantage compared with other contractors who don’t give maintenance the attention it requires. One important long-term benefit of a good maintenance program is increased resale value when it’s time to trade your machines. Keep good records so you can document the level of care the machine has received during its time on the job. This will help you get a good price on the resale.

Contact Info

621 State St.
Racine, WI 53402
Phone: 866.542.2736

Model Engine HP (Net) Max. Dig Depth Max. Reach Operating Weight
CX210C 160 hp 21 ft, 10 in. 21 ft, 3 in. 47,800 lbs
CX250C 177 hp 22 ft, 8 in. 22 ft, 1 in. 62,100 lbs
CX300C 207 hp 23 ft, 4 in. 22 ft, 9 in. 65,900 lbs
CX350C 266 hp 26 ft, 8 in. 26 ft, 3 in. 80,000 lbs
CX470C 362 hp 25 ft, 4 in. 24 ft, 10 in. 105,300 lbs

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Caterpillar Excavators

The E Series Offers 11 Models for Efficiency on the Job

Caterpillar has been designing and building one of the most comprehensive lines of hydraulic excavators for more than 40 years. Research and development efforts have led to machines that customers can rely on for quality, reliability and market-leading productivity. The company’s latest series of excavators, the E Series, has added fuel economy and efficiency to further meet customer needs. Its latest model, the 336E H hybrid, is taking those two key performance attributes to another level. This machine ties directly to Caterpillar’s product strategy of improving customers’ profitability by lowering their owning and operating costs.

Product Spotlight: 336E H

The 336E H, a 36-metric ton machine, complements the E Series family and makes an ideal choice for customers who trench, truck load, fine grade or pick and place pipe in utility applications. In fact, the more this machine swings or cycles in high-production applications, the more opportunities there are to store and reuse energy, which leads to more savings and a quicker payback for customers. Most importantly, there is no loss of power and no loss in performance. What you can move with the standard 336E, you can move with the 336E H. And the machine is noticeably quieter.

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The design of the 336E H is relatively straightforward, using three building block technologies to achieve fuel savings: 1) Conserve fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump, which smoothly transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator; 2) Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion with no loss of power, and to ensure operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capability; and 3) Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing system, which captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators and then releases the energy during swing acceleration. What this means to the end-user is substantial fuel savings. Compared to the company’s standard 336E, the 336E H consumes up to 25 percent less fuel. Compared to the 336D, it consumes up to 33 percent less fuel.


“Operators need no special training since the 336E H works like a standard Cat excavator model,” says Kent Pellegrini, Global Application Specialist for Cat. “Like any machine, though, there are operator techniques that will help a customer get the most out of a 336E H, and Cat dealers offer training to help owners do just that. Also, operators have nothing to “manage” as the hybrid technology is completely automatic. The operator can simply focus on the work at hand.”

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Contact Info

100 NE Adams St.
Peoria, IL 61629
Phone: 309.675.0446

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
312E 90 hp 19 ft, 10 in. 28 ft, 3 in. 29,430 lbs
314E CR 90 hp 19 ft, 6 in. 28 ft, 6 in. 32,600 lbs
316E 113 hp 21 ft, 7 in. 30 ft, 5 in. 38,800 lbs
318E 113 hp 21 ft, 7 in. 30 ft, 5 in. 41,010 lbs
320 E 153 hp 24 ft, 10 in. 35 ft 48,940 lbs
320E RR 153 hp 22 ft, 1 in. 32 ft, 4 in. 53,790 lbs
324E 194 hp 22 ft, 4 in. 33 ft, 2 in. 64,990 lbs
329E 232 hp 23 ft, 9 in. 34 ft 69,960 lbs
336E 300 hp 26 ft, 10 in. 38 ft, 5 in. 82,200 lbs
336E H 308 hp 26 ft, 10 in. 38 ft, 5 in. 82,000 lbs
349E 396 hp 26 ft, 10 in. 39 ft, 9 in. 105,400 lbs

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Hitachi Excavators

Compact Design Meets Big Productivity with Four Units

Hitachi built its first hydraulic excavator, the UH03, in 1965. Since then, more than 2.5 million excavators —ranging from small compacts to mining-sized machines — have been sold across the world. Hitachi’s lineup of ultrashort-radius excavators consists of the ZX75US-3, ZX85USB-3 and ZX135US-5. The company’s newest offering, the ZX245USLC-5, is slated to hit the marketplace the first quarter of 2013.

The lineup’s reduced-tail-swing design allows the machines to rotate freely within a small radius, so they are more productive around obstacles and confined spaces. And with increased swing torque and drawbar pull, their production matches larger machines. Hitachi excavators boast Isuzu Tier 4i-certified engines, providing power and fuel efficiency in a compact package.

Thanks to the HIOS III hydraulic system, Hitachi’s ultrashorts deliver engine performance and hydraulic flow that are perfectly balanced for fast, smooth and precise operations. The roomy and comfortable cabs in the Hitachi lineup are designed to promote operator comfort and productivity.

Product Spotlight: ZX245USLC-5

The ZX245USLC-5, Hitachi’s newest ultrashort excavator, is the ideal combination of power, performance and reliability. As the largest machine in the ultrashort lineup, the ZX245USLC-5 delivers power in an easy-to-maneuver package. The new unit delivers more swing torque and bucket digging force with less emissions and noise. The ZX245USLC-5’s reduced-tail-swing design allows it to rotate freely within a small radius, so it’s more productive around obstacles or in confined spaces. A fuel-efficient, Tier 4i diesel engine delivers power without compromise in all conditions. Tungsten-carbide thermal-coated arm surfaces, oil-impregnated bushings and welded boom bulkheads ensure it delivers unsurpassed durability and uptime. Downtime is minimized with a large fuel tank and 500- and 5,000-hour engine and hydraulic oil-service intervals that enable the ZX245USLC-5 to work longer between stops for service.


The most important thing to consider when purchasing an excavator for utility work is whether the machine will satisfy your needs,” says Mark Wall, Hitachi Product Marketing Manager. “Make sure the machine is sized correctly for its intended use. For example, all excavators have multiple arm lengths available. Longer arms should be used for deeper dig depths or when the spoil pile is further from the trench. Bucket sizing is also important. Larger buckets don’t always lead to increased productivity. They take longer to load and could slow the cycle times. It boils down to this: Will the machine perform the job that needs to be done?”

Contact Info

1515 5th Ave., P.O. Box 8806
Moline, IL 61266
Phone: 866.973.0394

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
ZX75US-3 54 hp 13 ft, 6 in. 20 ft, 6 in. 17,743 lbs
ZX85USB-3 54 hp 13 ft 23 ft, 2 in. 18,820 lbs
ZX135US-5 97 hp 19 ft, 7 in. 28 ft, 7 in. 32,819 lbs
ZX245USLC-5 159 hp 21 ft, 9 in. 32 ft, 6 in. 56,167 lbs

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Hyundai Excavators

Eleven Construction-Savvy Models for Hard-Working Contractors

Hyundai Construction Equipment introduced its first two excavators to the North American market in 1989 with a philosophy of providing economical, high-quality products with dependable support. Today, Hyundai offers more than 33 models of excavators (with 11 units in the construction class category). Each Hyundai machine is powered by advanced computerized technology that optimizes its speed and force in any application. In 2012, Hyundai introduced its sixth generation 9A Series Tier 4i engine machines for both wheel loaders and excavators. Unique features include wide cabs, excellent visibility, multi-function color LCD monitors and advanced hydraulic systems.

Product Spotlight: R210LC-9

One of the most popular excavators in Hyundai’s lineup is the R210LC-9, powered by a reliable 143-hp Cummins engine. It boasts a 50,520-lb (22.9-metric ton) operating weight and a bucket breakout force of 29,320 lbf, making it ideal for mid-size excavating projects, road and utility work and demolition.

Steel tube construction on the R210LC-9 cab has optimized its safety, protection and durability. Once inside the cab, the operator will enjoy many benefits, including more room due to an increased cab size, better visibility, reduced sound, improved storage and better climate control. Operators of the R210LC-9 will also benefit from a reconfiguration and consolidation of controls and easier access to critical switches. For operator convenience, controls for volume, channel or song seek, mute, buttons for hands-free answering phone calls, a USB port and jacks for headphones and phone connections are all located together on the right side of the console.

The R210LC-9 also comes standard with Hyundai’s 7-in. wide color LCD screen Cluster with toggle switch. The Cluster allows operators to select personal machine preferences, as well as power and work mode selection, self diagnostics, maintenance checklists and machine security — making the excavators more versatile and operators more productive.

In addition to the Cluster, the R210LC-9 comes standard with Hi-mate, Hyundai’s proprietary remote management system that provides operators and dealer service personnel access to vital service and diagnostic information on the machine from any computer with internet access.


Reading the operator’s manual cover to cover is a great first maintenance step,” says Shane Sirmons, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “The manual is filled with service information such as service intervals, recommended lubricants and other valuable information. Routine maintenance such as changing oils and filters on the recommended maintenance schedule, and keeping the cooling system clean of dirt and debris will do wonders for the life and health of an excavator.

Contact Info

6100 Atlantic Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: 678.823.7777

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
R110-7A98 hp16 ft, 8 in.25 ft, 5 in.24,690 lbs
R140LC-9114 hp18 ft, 4 in.26 ft, 11 in.30,820 lbs
R140LC-9 (ME)114 hp15 ft, 8 in.23 ft, 10 in.30,820 lbs
R145LCR-9113 hp18 ft, 1 in.26 ft, 10 in.32,595 lbs
R140LCM-9114 hp17 ft, 4 in.26 ft, 7 in.37,214 lbs
R160LC-9121 hp19 ft, 11 in.29 ft, 1 in.39,242 lbs
R180LC-9121 hp19 ft, 11 in.29 ft, 1 in.41,006 lbs
R210LC-9143 hp21 ft, 1 in.32 ft, 3 in.50,520 lbs
R250LC-9184 hp23 ft33 ft, 5 in.55,556 lbs
R260LC-9A178 hp23 ft33 ft, 5 in.56,880 lbs
R380LC-9271 hp24 ft, 8 in.36 ft, 11 in.86,220 lbs

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JCB Excavators

Nine Versatile Machines Designed to Meet a Variety of Customer Needs

JCB, a family-owned business, was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford. JCB’s excavator line began in 1964 with the launch of the JCB 7, the company’s first 360-degree tracked excavator. Throughout the years, the company’s excavator line has evolved to meet customers’ ever-changing needs, including specialized machines for demolition and recycling. In North America, JCB sells nine excavators (weighing six or more metric tons) in various sizes and with varying levels of power to suit any job.

The company offers standard, long-reach, demolition and Wastemaster variants of its crawler excavators, maximizing the number of solutions available to its customers. Five unique advantages set JCB excavators apart, says the company, including: a high-performance Plexus hydraulic oil filtration system; heavy-duty undercarriages; JCB’s LiveLink telematic interface; Tier 4i JCB Ecomax engines (on select models); and a strong emphasis on operator comfort.

Product Spotlight: JS 145

JCB’s JS 145 excavator is equipped with a Tier 4i Ecomax engine, a new multi-function LCD monitor, LiveLink functionality and improved hydraulic systems for greater fuel savings. The JS 145 is the only crawler excavator in the 14-16 ton sector to meet U.S. emissions standards without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or an exhaust after-treatment additive, says the company.

Working modes are now selected through a single dial, replacing an engine speed selector. Power Boost is available in all four working modes. The revised hydraulic system, in combination with the Ecomax engine, leads to further fuel savings of up to 10 percent compared to the previous machine. The JS 145 is quiet to operate with in-cab noise levels of just 70 dBA and external noise levels of 99 dBA. JCB’s LiveLink telematic interface can now deliver full fuel consumption data for the JS 145, even listing which working modes were in use.


When purchasing an excavator, closely explore all your options because one size does not fit all,” says Chris Giorgianni, Vice President of Product for JCB Inc. “For example, many high-use applications require superb durability and excellent fuel efficiency. Further, if extended reach is required, long-reach booms and dippers can help complete the task where standard reach cannot. In an urban environment, a good compact design with excellent all-round visibility for safety in a busy environment is important. Understanding the requirements for the job will enable you to get the right machine to complete the task.

Contact Info

2000 Bamford Blvd.
Pooler, GA 31322
Phone: 912.447.2000

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
JS 14599 hp19 ft, 10 in.28 ft, 5 in.33,510 lbs
JS 160130 hp20 ft, 7 in.29 ft, 8 in.39,518 lbs
JS 190172 hp19 ft29 ft, 10 in.44,099 lbs
JS 220172 hp21 ft, 8 in.31 ft, 10 in.49,450 lbs
JS 260197 hp23 ft, 8 in.35 ft, 1 in.57,450 lbs
JS 330271 hp26 ft, 6 in.38 ft, 4 in.82,829 lbs
JS 360271 hp26 ft, 6 in.38 ft82,829 lbs
JZ 14098 hp19 ft, 10 in.28 ft, 5 in.32,290 lbs
JZ 235172 hp21 ft, 8 in.31 ft, 9 in.49,950 lbs

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John Deere Excavators

Eight Excavators Excel at Utility Applications

John Deere manufactured its first excavator, the 690, in 1969. Today, the company’s offerings range from the D-Series to the newly updated G-Series. The full line of John Deere equipment starts with the compact 17D at 1.89 metric tons to the 870G LC, which weighs in at 87 metric tons. Responding to customer demand, the company has worked to improve the power, control and peerless productivity in each new model.

Today, John Deere manufactures 17 excavator models weighing 6 tons or more. These models span from the 54-hp 75D to the aforementioned 532-hp 870G LC. The models most often used in utility work are the 75D, 85D, 130G, 135G, 160G LC, 180G LC, 210G LC and 245G LC. These highly versatile machines are packed with customer-driven features to bring maximum productivity to the jobsite with cool-running efficiency. Spacious cabs provide unsurpassed visibility, and low-effort joystick controls, excellent metering and smooth multifunction operation provide the precision operators need.

Product Spotlight: 135G and 245G LC

The 13.5-ton 135G and 24.5-ton 245G LC are two of John Deere’s newest excavator models. These excavators are equipped with a 97-hp (135G) and 159-hp (245G LC) Tier 4i engine for optimal jobsite power. Both models incorporate a reduced-tail-swing design allowing them to work closer to objects on confined or congested jobsites. The models are also equipped with a new power boost feature that helps pull you through when the digging or lifting gets difficult.

Like all John Deere excavators, the 135G and 245G LC feature a spacious and comfortable cab that comes equipped with an easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitor that lets the operator easily dial in a wealth of machine info and functionality. Other highlights include a highly efficient, heavy-duty cooling system that keeps things cool, even in tough environments or high altitudes, and an industry-exclusive double-seal swing bearing and three welded boom bulkheads that deliver rock-solid durability. An optional rear-view camera allows operators 360-degree visibility.


When looking at excavators, consider cabs with more legroom, adjustable seats and a wider range of visibility that can help make long days on the job less cumbersome,” says Mark Wall, Excavator Product Marketing Manager for John Deere Construction and Forestry. “Technology upgrades like LCD monitors, navigation systems and monitoring tools provide an interactive user interface. With the right upgrades, operating an excavator isn’t much different, amenities and comfort-wise, than driving your car

Contact Info

P.O. Box 8806
Moline, IL 61266
Phone: 800.532.2123

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
75D54 hp13 ft, 6 in.20 ft, 6 in.17,734 lbs
85D54 hp13 ft23 ft, 2 in.18,821 lbs
130G97 hp19 ft, 11 in.28 ft, 5 in.29,489 lbs
135G97 hp19 ft, 7 in.28 ft, 7 in.30,617 lbs
160G LC121 hp21 ft, 4 in.30 ft, 1 in.39,685 lbs
180G LC121 hp23 ft, 2 in.32 ft, 1 in.44,317 lbs
210G LC159 hp21 ft, 11 in.32 ft50,463 lbs
245G LC97 hp21 ft, 9 in.32 ft, 6 in.56,167 lbs

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Kobelco Construction Excavators

Six Heavy-Duty Machines Highlight Nearly Three Decades of Innovation

The success of Kobelco Construction Machinery America has been built on dedication to total customer satisfaction. For nearly 30 years, Kobelco has been manufacturing high-performance excavators in North America. Kobelco’s 280,000-sq-ft plant in Calhoun, Ga., produces Kobelco excavators in six model classes — ranging from 16 to 48 metric tons — for customers in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Backed by outstanding factory support and a network of nearly 200 North American dealers, customers count on Kobelco Construction for their competitive edge. As one of the industry’s leading excavator manufacturers, Kobelco’s full range of excavators is found on major construction jobsites and highway projects across North America. World-class engineering and state-of-the-art technological innovations are built into every Kobelco excavator.

Product Spotlight: SK485 Mark 9

The Kobelco SK485 Mark 9 excavator features an upgrade to Kobelco’s intelligent hydraulics and an economy power mode that delivers improved fuel efficiency — 15 percent better fuel efficiency for normal digging conditions as compared to previous models. The Tier 4i Hino engine is equipped with CEGR emission technology. A ROPS/FOPS cab provides a larger, more comfortable work environment. A low engine cover and standard rear-view camera improve visibility and operator productivity. The SK485 Mark 9 is engineered for heavy applications, including mainline pipeline construction, road and bridge applications and sewer and underground utilities.


Proper maintenance starts with a daily inspection or as soon as the excavator returns from the jobsite,” says Reece Norwood, Platform Manager at Kobelco. “Do a walk-around inspection to check for any loose, damaged or missing components like bottom rollers, loose track pads, top rollers and track guides. Look down along the tracks to see if there is a section that is out of line, which could indicate a loose track pad or broken track pin. Stand to the side and check that all rollers are in place and in proper alignment

Contact Info

621 State St.
Racine, WI 53402
Phone: 888.562.5201

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
SK170LC Acera Mark 9115 hp21 ft, 5 in.30 ft, 6 in.38,656 lbs
SK210LC Acera Mark 9159 hp21 ft, 3 in.31 ft, 11 in.47,840 lbs
SK260LC Acera Mark 9181 hp22 ft, 9 in.33 ft, 3 in.59,524 lbs
SK295LC Acera Mark 9197 hp23 ft, 7 in.34 ft, 10 in.68,343 lbs
SK350LC Acera Mark 9269 hp24 ft, 10 in.36 ft, 1 in.80,909 lbs
SK485LC Acera Mark 9345 hp25 ft, 7 in.34 ft, 5 in.111,774 lbs

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Komatsu Excavators

The Dash 10 Series Boasts Serious Power and Fuel Savings

Komatsu entered the hydraulic excavator market in the late 1960s with the H-Series. Throughout what could be considered 10 generations, many improvements have been made such as the addition of various operating modes, short-tail-swing excavators, and now, with the Dash 10 series, Tier 4i-compliant engines. The latest Komatsu excavators provide more advanced electronic control, simplified maintenance and troubleshooting and better operator comfort.

New engine and hydraulic technology has led to increased fuel savings, which can be monitored through KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s machine monitoring system. KOMTRAX, a standard feature on all machines except the PC09-1, allows fleet managers to track machine usage, location, fuel consumption and a variety of other operational information. Another benefit of KOMTRAX is monitoring machine idle time compared to work time — allowing crews to save on fuel consumption. The majority of Komatsu excavators use a Closed Center Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system, which provides lower fuel consumption and quick response to the operator’s demands.

Product Spotlight: PC210LC-10

The PC210LC-10 is Komatsu’s latest Tier 4i excavator. Its engine functions automatically during operation without any input from the operator. The new model uses up to 10 percent less fuel than the previous Dash 8 Series. Operators can enjoy an upgraded environment that includes a standard heated air suspension seat and an improved monitor panel with enhanced functionality. The PC210LC-10 also boasts improved serviceability with standard guardrails on both sides of the upper structure, a standard battery disconnect switch and improved troubleshooting capability.


It is important to understand the application the excavator will be used in,” says Craig McGinnis, Excavator Product Specialist. “This could include working range, transportation dimensions, productivity and desired bucket selection. Bucket selection can also be dependent on the truck being loaded as well as wear packages. Reach requirements are important to make sure your machine can meet the depth requirements of the job

Contact Info

1701 W. Golf Rd.
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Phone: 847.437.4401

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
PC210LC-10158 hp21 ft, 9 in.31 ft, 10 in.52,036 lbs
PC240LC-10177 hp22 ft, 8 in.32 ft,10 in.55,129 lbs
PC290LC-10196 hp22 ft, 8 in.34 ft, 4 in.68,234 lbs
PC360LC-10257 hp24 ft, 3 in.35 ft, 10 in.79,930 lbs
PC390LC-10257 hp23 ft, 10 in.35 ft, 8 in.89,071 lbs
PC490LC-10359 hp25 ft, 5 in.38 ft, 9 in.105,800 lbs

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Volvo Construction Equipment Excavators

A Complete Set of Crawler Models Rounds Out a Strong Excavator Line

Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers. Volvo offers a full product range to support the utility industry, with equipment manufactured, serviced and supported across North America. The global presence and dealer network of Volvo Construction Equipment has been growing since its inception in 1832. Dealers are strategically located throughout North America to provide equipment, parts and service support for productive and profitable operation. Today, the company manufactures a wide range of crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, short-swing excavators and compact excavators to address a wide variety of customer’s needs.

Product Spotlight: EC480D

Heavy duty” is the best way to describe the Volvo EC480D, with a durable build and a rugged undercarriage that hold strong in the toughest working conditions. Quality performance in difficult or steep terrain is possible with mechanical variable width tracks that extend the width by 6 in. and raise clearance by 8 in., aiding in stability and protection.

The high-strength tensile-steel boom provides durability in severe applications. Wear strips welded to the inside of the arm give added protection and the linkage yoke features a support bar for additional strength. The CareTrack telematic system is standard on new Volvo excavators, providing machine information, such as fuel consumption and service reminders that allow improved planning and operation.


If working with the machines in an unusually dusty environment, air filters should be cleaned at shorter service intervals and areas of the machine where dust collects should be cleaned daily,” says Joel Escalante, Sales Competence Development Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment.

Contact Info

312 Volvo Way
Shippensburg, PA 17257
Phone: 717.532.9181

ModelEngine HP (Net)Max. Dig DepthMax. ReachOperating Weight
EC 140D113 hp18 ft, 2 in.26 ft, 10 in.30,230 lbs
ECR 145 D113 hp18 ft, 1 in.26 ft, 11 in.35,960 lbs
EC 160D L139 hp19 ft, 10 in.28 ft, 11 in.38,320 lbs
EC 220 D172 hp22 ft, 1 in.32 ft, 1 in.48,800 lbs
EC480D348 hp29 ft, 8 in.43 ft, 6 in.105,000 lbs

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