HCSS Offers Free Drone Flight Planner App with HCSS Aerial

HCSS, a leading provider of innovative solutions that help heavy civil businesses streamline their operations, announces that HCSS Aerial, a drone-based analytics platform, is offering a free smart app – HCSS Aerial: Drone Mission. The app, paired with any drone, captures high-resolution images of construction job sites, analyzes job progress, calculates earthwork volumes, performs safety inspections, and more.

“Our new free, user-friendly application works in conjunction with the main drones available in the market,” says JP Giometti, Executive Director, Global Strategy and Corporate Development at HCSS. “The HCSS Aerial app has everything a drone pilot needs to generate more efficiency, maximizing the value of every flight. The app is specifically designed for professional surveying, heavy civil construction, and infrastructure project mapping. HCSS Aerial: Drone Mission allows you to get professional drone images with just a few taps and swipes on your iPad.”

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The smart app allows companies to set up a fully automated flight plan to be executed over the length of a construction project for more accurate job site mapping, data visualization, and safety insights. During the flight, the user sees real-time images and gathers data to make more informed decisions. Once back in the office, the high-resolution images can be uploaded from the drone’s memory card to hcss-aerial.com to analyze photos and data to check project progress.

To download the free app, visit https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hcss-aerial-drone-missions/id1542621582.

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