NUCA-WINS Releases Next Generation of Jobsite Reporting App


NUCA announced to its members this summer that the popular job site recording solution NUCA-WINS has been upgraded to Version 3.0, and is available for construction job site event documenting and reporting needs.

NUCA-WINS is a powerful software application that documents injuries, utility strikes, employee illnesses, near misses, and safety observations in real-time, utilizing both iOS and Android devices. It was first released to the industry and NUCA members in the fall of 2020, and remains popular with utility contractor members.

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NUCA-WINS was designed by industry experts to prevent the negative consequences of delayed and inaccurate workplace incident reporting. Powered by app partner Compatica’s intuitive software, this point-of-occurrence incident recording app allows authorized users to quickly report a variety of job site events, such as employee injuries and illnesses, property damage, utility strikes, for-record-only needs, near misses, and safety observations, as well as recently added conduct and security incidents.

“Software is like a shark that can never stop swimming,” says Adee Feinstein, Compatica’s CEO. “It requires constant development and enhancement to keep up with perpetual technological change and ever-evolving industry needs and practices. We’re fortunate to have NUCA and its members as partners in this process, guiding us on how to best improve NUCA-WINS and the state-of-the-art.”

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NUCA-WINS 3.0 represents the “Next Generation” in job site data collection. It supports fully documenting all types of incidents, including Injuries, Utility Strikes, Property Damage, Vehicular, Safety, and many more, as well as collecting any possible Site, Asset, or Employee reports and communicating them within the organization in real-time. NUCA-WINS allows companies to create their own workflows and customize reports to better fit their unique requirements.

On-the-spot worksite recording is the best way to avoid delays in reporting incidents, most of which carry liability concerns. With NUCA-WINS 3.0, a supervisor can make a complete event report, including pictures, audio, and video recordings. It can document incident locations, equipment involved, and witness statements. The app also easily allows supervisors to record near-misses and workplace safety observations.

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Employee health and illnesses can also be recorded with NUCA WINS 3.0, allowing supervisors to report issues immediately after recognizing them. E-signed attestations and waivers are instantly accessible, and employees can be referred to an approved clinic if there are injuries requiring medical attention.
NUCA WINS 3.0 provides all the data required for FROI, OSHA, and other workplace incident forms.

Workers’ Compensation recording needs are delivered in a timely fashion once entered into the app. It delivers immediate text and e-mail notifications and securely stores this information in a password-protected cloud system.

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This powerful cloud-based incident manager is the solution to the reporting requirements the utility construction industry generates through its work on job sites.

NUCA WINS has been upgraded twice since its 2020 release and is only available by subscription to NUCA members. Subscriptions to the NUCA WINS 3.0 app are made via

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NUCA-WINS 3.0 Now Includes:

  • Video Statements
    Great for pre-dig surveys
  • Job Site Reports
    Collect all job site information
  • Data Collection Workflow Configuration
    Customize to your requirements
  • Data Visualization Dashboard
    Instant status analysis
  • Geolocation Mapping Annotations
    Sketch “how it happened”
  • Audit Trails
    Full tracking of user access, transactions, and modifications

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