Vermeer Video Salutes Workers Who Help Us Stay Connected

The world is in unprecedented times and Vermeer created a video that salutes the people who help us stay connected.The Vermeer website states:

Now more than ever we are reminded of the importance of connection. New challenges arise every day, but there is work to be done.

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The question on everyone’s mind isn’t “how will we stay connected?” because we are connected. That’s why we’re thankful for the ones who’ve worked the past decades installing cables and lines to keep us connected even when we are apart. We are grateful for the high-speed internet connections, Wi-Fi access at every turn and the ability to binge-watch our favorite show any day of the week.These are services we too frequently take for granted. And today, they are holding us together. Across the globe, many teachers are still teaching, many businesses are still operating, professionals are still providing care and families are still staying connected. Business-as-usual is rather unusual, but we persevere.

Here’s to the ones who made it happen and continue to make it happen. The ones whose boots are in the dirt, sand or snow.

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So to the ones keeping us connected, this one’s for you

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