Indiana’s Utility Construction Contractors Remember Rep. Walorski

The Indiana utility construction industry suffered a great loss after the news of the tragic accident and death of Indiana’s U.S. Representative Jackie Walorski on Aug. 3. Her personal grace and kindness to her constituents and our industry members across Indiana was clearly the foundation she built upon for her invaluable Congressional support to those who build Indiana’s heavy civil engineering projects.

Here, NUCA of Indiana members share their thoughts about Rep. Walorski and the considerate and honorable impressions she made on those she met with her over the years.

“I’ve worked with Rep. Walorski for over a decade, and she exemplified all that I could wish for from my congressional representative. Jackie always made time for constituents, cared about our industry’s issues, and would do her best to resolve any problems we encountered in our member’s projects. She always supported NUCA of Indiana and our positions. She would also always make us defend our positions, and wasn’t afraid of the back-and-forth it took to get us on the same page. I feel terrible for her staffers and their families—she was generous to them like her own family. I’m just at a loss,” remarked Kurt Youngs, president of NUCA of Indiana.

“I was saddened to hear of Rep. Walorski and her staffers’ deaths. I will always recall how engaged she was with us whenever we were in Washington to meet. She would take the time out of her busy schedule to make sure she met with us personally and listen to our thoughts and concerns and how our issues impacted all of her constituents. She was a champion for us Hoosiers and all Americans. I have met several Representatives and Senators over the years, and I found her and her staff always to be some of the most genuine and caring. Her passing will be a great void to fill,” said David Howell, division manager for Midwest Mole in Greenfield, Ind.

“I had the honor of meeting with Rep. Walorski every year since I began attending NUCA’s Washington Summits since 2013. If she was in the Capitol voting on issues, she would have her staffers escort us from her office over to the U.S. Capitol so she could meet us, sometimes even having to pause our meeting so she could go and vote, and promptly returning and picking right back up where we left off. Congresswoman Walorski was just a genuine, wonderful woman who truly cared for people, constituents, and non-constituents. Her staffers absolutely loved working for her. She treated everyone with such kindness. She was everything you could have wished for in a Congresswoman and will be deeply missed,” said Rebecca Risdon, executive director of NUCA of Indiana.

“There are good people who come to Congress and bring their genuine warmth and care to their job, and Rep. Walorski was certainly one of those exceptional lawmakers. She always enjoyed meeting our Indiana members during our annual fly-ins over the last nine years and went the extra mile to make the most of their visit. Our members across this nation extend their heartfelt prayers and kindest sympathies to her family and to those of her staff during this very difficult time,” said Doug Carlson, NUCA Chief Executive Officer.

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