Barbco Welcomes Customers for 2nd Demo Days Event

Barbco Inc., a manufacturer of equipment for underground utility installations, invited customers to its East Canton, Ohio, facility Aug. 2-3 for an equipment demonstration. Demonstrations included the company’s 48-950 ABM (Auger Boring Machine) with attached Pathfinder 500 pilot steering system, the 30 RCBM (Remote Cradle Boring Machine) and the TriBor 48 hybrid boring system.

“The idea behind Demo Days is to offer an educational insight to our customers on our equipment here at Barbco,” said Jack Barbera, marketing associate for Barbco Inc. “This is not a hard sales event but an event where we can help to ensure the safety and productivity of our appreciated customers. The only thing we hope to accomplish from our Demo Day is informing contractors on the best ways of being safe and efficient on the job.”

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About 60 customers attended the event, which included an evening event to watch the Ravens and Bears play the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game at Tom Benson Stadium adjacent to the Hall of Fame museum in Canton.

In addition to the football game, guests were treated to barbecue lunches during the day inside a tent set up at the Barbco facility. The event was held in conjunction with sponsors Trenchless Rental Solutions, U.S. Shoring & Equipment Co., GM Electric, Herc Rentals and Kraft.

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The 48-950 is Barbco’s most popular auger boring machine, offering incredible versatility for utility installation, whether it’s an electrical line or water system. The 48-950 offers nearly a million pounds of thrust, in addition to its 187,444 ft-lbs of torque and 174 hp. The machine’s wide stance provides stability for your operators. It’s ideal for bores between 12 and 48 in., but optional 54- and 60-in. lift kits are available.

The TriBor rig can operate as a conventional auger boring machine, horizontal directional drill or pilot tube/guided boring rig. The FlexBor system, which was unveiled earlier this year, features an encased bore that virtually eliminates the threat of frac out and can be used in combination with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or auger boring methods.

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Cradle boring machines have been a useful tool in contractors’ toolboxes for quite some time. They offer the ability to complete shorter bores vs. HDD, and they do not require pit set up compared to conventional auger boring. The drawback with cradle boring has always been the concern of having manned operation on a machine while it is suspended above the ground. With the Remote Cradle Boring Machines from Barbco, operation is done remotely with an operator standing on the ground out of harm’s way.

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