Simplex Equipment Rental Installs Point of Rental Elite Software

Simplex Rental Elite SoftwarePoint of Rental Software, a worldwide provider of award-winning rental and inventory management software, recently installed its Elite ERP product in Simplex Equipment Rental’s 41 locations throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario. Listed by RER 100 as the 55th largest rental company in North America, Simplex Equipment Rental provides tools and equipment for individuals, businesses, and the construction industry.

With an inventory of more than 50,000 tools and assorted equipment, the company needed robust software designed to fit their particular needs. Point of Rental’s customized ERP software proved to be the right solution.

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Euclide Véronneau, deputy chairman and CEO of Simplex Equipment Rental, said, “Simplex wanted a supplier who knew and understood the rental business, and Point of Rental has a highly qualified team in this field. Point of Rental Software is designed for rental business.” When asked what influenced Simplex’s decision, Véronneau highlighted “intuitive navigation and fluid processes, simple and fast contract creation, an impressive quantity of useful reports, and convenient drilldown functionalities.” In addition, he commented, “Information is easily accessible in one place on the ‘Day at a Glance’ Screen.”

Wayne Harris, CEO of Point of Rental Software, said, “It is an honor to partner with a bedrock of the industry like Simplex Equipment Rental. Their processes have made them successful for more than a century, so we focused on customizing our ERP software to support their operation. Changing software is a difficult transition for any business, particularly one the size of Simplex,” Harris noted, “but the customizations we did allowed them to maintain their current processes. Integrated with their operational methods, our enterprise software now forms the foundation for growth across every facet of their business. We know it’s critical, which is why we call it a partnership. We are in it for the success of their business.”

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“Transition is a particularly critical step in the implementation of a new system,” Véronneau acknowledged. “In this respect, the user-friendliness and robustness of the Point of Rental system greatly helped to ensure a smooth transition for employees. Beyond the intuitive side of the system, there is a real desire for partnership on the part of the Point of Rental team that facilitated the transition.”

The company is already recognizing benefits after implementing Point of Rental Elite Software, including a significant reduction in training time for new employees as well as strategic decision-making based on reports and KPI’s the software provides. “The Point of Rental system provides us with dynamic and predictable leasing inventory management,” Véronneau said, “which allows us to maximize the use of our rental fleet and to have a better planning.”

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