Exclusive: JCB Releases ‘Expertise,’ Details the Production of Its 85Z-1 and 86C-1 Excavators

JCB recently debuted the first video of a two-part series detailing the company’s new 85Z-1 and 86C-1 excavators. “Expertise” highlights the manufacturing process of the machines and details the quality that’s built into every unit at the company’s production facility in Staffordshire, UK.

The two-minute video allows viewers to explore the rigorous quality checks performed throughout the build process, as well as the importance of technology and manufacturing best practices. This film also provides an opportunity to showcase the class-leading brands that supply key componentry for these new excavators. “Expertise” should give customers the confidence that they’re buying a top quality product that will be reliable throughout its working life.

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Tune in next week for the second video, “Experience,” that showcases the new 85Z-1 and 86C-1 at work.