Topcon Acquires Outstanding Viasys VDC Holdings

Topcon Positioning Group announces the complete acquisition of Viasys VDC, an innovative infrastructure construction software development company based in Espoo, Finland. The purchase is designed to strengthen Topcon software development expertise and support delivery of advanced Topcon VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) solutions with seamless BIM (Building Information Modeling) interoperability for customers worldwide.

Topcon has now acquired all the outstanding shares of Viasys VDC after having invested in a significant percentage of its holdings in early 2016.

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Jason Hallett, VP of Global Software Business Development, said, “We are excited to complete the full integration of Viasys expertise and suite of advanced software tools and services. This opens up even more opportunities to offer an expanded and cohesive software portfolio, including VDC solutions for seamless BIM interoperability, further strengthening our MAGNET systems for construction execution.”

Heikki Halttula, Viasys VDC president and CEO, said, “The complete union with Topcon further accelerates the integration of our industry-leading VDC solutions into a holistic construction software environment.”

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“We will also continue to develop specialized software tools assisting project owners, designers and contractors in deploying VDC and construction management solutions in their infrastructure and site-work projects. Our solutions enable the aggregation of design models as comprehensive BIM models, to optimize the construction process throughout the project’s lifecycle delivering enhanced quality, higher efficiencies and reduced costs,” said Halttula.

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