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VactorBen Schmitt, Product Manager

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Buying Advice: The search for a vacuum excavator begins the same as any piece of equipment: Know the job you’re planning to complete. By identifying the type of work your crew will perform, the equipment decision process will run a lot more smoothly. It’s also helpful to know the size of a typical application so that the correct size debris body is selected to complete the work as efficiently as possible. For example, vacuum excavation manufacturers supply debris capacities ranging from 1 cubic yard of capacity on trailer units to upward of 21 cubic yards of debris on larger truck-mounted units. With so many options available to those looking to purchase or rent vacuum excavation equipment, it’s important to consider the size of excavations to be completed with the equipment.

Favorite Unit: Featuring a lightweight design, the Vactor HXX 824 unit allows maximum legal payload capacities ideal for most vacuum excavation applications. The unit features 1,200 gal of onboard water and debris capacity of 12 cubic yards. The water system is available in 10- or 20-gpm offerings and comes standard with Vactor’s patent pending DigRight technology, ideal for working safely around utilities. DigRight technology allows the operator to select a maximum water pressure limit to prevent the pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements. The technology includes a user-selectable maximum water pressure setting that controls the water pump’s maximum water pressure output, preventing wear and tear on check valves, unloader valves and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water.

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