Wyo-Ben Acquires Bentonite Operation of M-I Swaco

Wyo-Ben Inc., a leading provider of drilling fluids and minerals, announced its recent acquisition of the bentonite operation of M-I Swaco.

Wyo-Ben Inc., a leading provider of high-quality drilling fluids and minerals, announced its recent acquisition of the bentonite operation of M-I Swaco, a division of Schlumberger and renowned global leader in drilling fluid systems and services. This strategic move further solidifies Wyo-Ben’s position as a leader in the industry and opens up new avenues for growth and innovation.

The acquisition of M-I Swaco bentonite operation located in Greybull, WY, represents a significant milestone for Wyo-Ben, as it brings together two industry powerhouses with complementary strengths and expertise. By combining resources, knowledge and experience, the newly formed entity will offer an enhanced portfolio of products and services to customers worldwide.

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Wyo-Ben has built a strong reputation over the years for its commitment to delivering superior drilling fluids, sealants and additives that meet the unique needs of its customers. This addition will further enhance Wyo-Ben’s ability to provide tailored solutions for drilling and completion challenges across a wide range of applications.

M-I Swaco’s established global presence and extensive customer base will also contribute to the accelerated growth and market expansion of Wyo-Ben. The acquisition will bolster the company’s ability to serve its customers on a larger scale, tapping into new markets and providing a broader range of integrated solutions to address the evolving demands of the industry.

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“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the bentonite operations known as M-I Swaco,” said David Brown, CEO of Wyo-Ben. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our long-term growth strategy and allows us to provide an even more comprehensive suite of products and services to our valued customers worldwide. By combining our strengths, we will enhance our capabilities and unlock new opportunities for innovation and success. We warmly welcome the employees at M-I Swaco into the Wyo-Ben family.”

Both Wyo-Ben and M-I Swaco share a common commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. The acquisition will facilitate the exchange of best practices, technical expertise, and operational efficiencies, resulting in improved customer experiences and accelerated innovation.

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The transition process will be carried out meticulously, ensuring a seamless integration of operations and minimal disruption to existing customers. Wyo-Ben remains committed to maintaining the highest level of service and support during this transition period.

This acquisition is a clear demonstration of its dedication to driving industry advancement and maintaining its position as a trusted partner for markets we serve. The combined strengths of these two industry leaders will undoubtedly lead to enhanced value creation for customers and shareholders alike.

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