NUCA’s Damage Prevention Claims Avoidance Program Has Saved Members Millions

PaperworkNUCA contractor members are encouraged to take advantage of NUCA’s Damage Prevention and Claims Avoidance Program, which offers free consultation on damage prevention and damage investigation. Since the program’s inception in 2007, the program has saved NUCA members more than $5.7 billion. Under the program, NUCA members receive one free hour for claims evaluation per quarter or a total of four free hours each year. Each additional hour of consulting per quarter will be offered at the significantly discounted member rate of $75 per hour (standard rates are $150 an hour).

This benefit is an exclusive arrangement between Ron Peterson Consulting and NUCA members. Members can select from the following three-tiered services:

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  • Damage Prevention Best Practices Consulting covers best practices in damage prevention (design phase through backfill, pre-excavation documentation and state one-call laws). This service is free to NUCA members.
  • Damage Investigation Consultation provides the tools contractors need to conduct their own detailed damage investigation should the company need to challenge an unwarranted damage claim, including consulting on what should be photographed and how, evidence gathering, documentation, liability determinations and negotiations. This service is free to NUCA members.
  • Claims Evaluation Consulting provides assistance when a contractor believes a claim is unwarranted. Some claims can be hundreds of pages long — prompting contractors to pay the claim and move on, regardless of the merits of the claim. The NUCA consultant will evaluate damage claims for you and help you make the best decisions on how to respond. Members receive one free hour a quarter, and additional hours are available for only $75 an hour.

Since the program began in 2007, the program has saved member more than $5.7 billion — most resulting from reduced or overturned owner reimbursement to the contractor or repairs not caused by the contractor.

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