Cemen Tech Joins Pavement Network Buyer’s Alliance

Paving and asphalt contractors in the PNBA can now turn to Cemen Tech, a leading manufacturer of volumetric concrete mixers, for their concrete needs on pavement projects. The Indianola, Iowa-based manufacturer recently joined The Pavement Network’s Buyer’s Alliance, which matches high-integrity paving contractors with industry-leading national vendors to leverage buying power for the benefit of all involved. Cemen Tech will be the exclusive volumetric mixer manufacturer in the network.

Paving contractors can learn more about how Cemen Tech’s proprietary volumetric concrete technology can give them greater control over their maintenance and repair projects at this year’s World Of Asphalt, March 29-31, 2022 in Nashville.

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“We are excited to have Cemen Tech join the PNBA as this extends our portfolio by offering a piece of equipment where contractors can produce their own concrete. This is an area almost all paving contractors have a need for on projects today,” said Chris Segar, Director of Programs and Pricing for PNBA. “Their mixers integrate the latest volumetric technology so any contractor can easily learn how to operate the equipment. The mixers are fully automated to provide exactly what is needed for every pour.”

Joining the Pavement Network Buyer’s Alliance shows the company’s commitment to serving the pavement industry. “A volumetric concrete mixer is the perfect partner for paving and asphalt contractors,” says Mark Rinehart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cemen Tech. “By mixing concrete on-site in whatever quantity you need, you can minimize downtime, avoid delays, and increase your productivity all while reducing your costs on short load fees, delivery charges, and total material expense.”

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